Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rhode Island trip

Hey guys I have been doing pretty good this weekend except until late last night becAuse we went to the bar which is fine but after I was hungry and the only thing to eat was eggplant parm and linguini being the carbaholic I am I had to have it lol and of course eat all of it but I'm proud of myself yesterday morning I went for like an hour walk on the beach a are pretty healthy Friday and Saturday until we came back to the beach house it's beautiful here this time of year 

Those pictures are from my walk on the beach I went on the walk with my meatballs mom lol while my mom and her stayed in probably will go again today 

Yesterday we went to a craft fair I wanted indulge in some treats but I was good because I was looking at hats for the baby he has such a small head it's like impossible finding winter hats for him lol 

We also went to a wine tasting yes I did taste the wines but I figured its low in points so im good! It was a lot of fun none of us have ever went to something like that before so we got to experience if together!

Last night and the night before we did karaoke which the people last night were horrible and the night before they were great! Lol we got up there (we as in my mom my meatball and me) to sing Benny and the jets I was laughing so hard I was only able to sing the chorus lol it was a great ab workout!! There was a man there that was like hugh Hefner lol and some creepy old man goes to me ohh so you finally hit 21 huh and I was like no I'm 26 and he goes I know.... Ummmm what the heck??? Lol there weren't any good looking guys there and I really just didn't care lol just some creeps! Lol there was also this one lady who was completely wasted it was disgusting!!! 

So that was my day I think yesterday we were talking about going to mystic aquarium and the outlets today so that will be my day I'll probably go on another walk in a little bit because it's so beautiful but I'm just super tired right now and I think ill do some squats in here and something else to interval with that's not too loud prob leg lifts and sit ups and the plank yeah that sounds good 

Oh and btw I found a better before and where I am currently picture this picture I took just a month after I gave birth or three weeks  but you can still see a difference especially in my stomach area and I know I already lost some weight there and saw the difference in my clothes... I'm just looking at the progress day by day and not thinking of it as an option I'm thinking of it as my way of life I enjoy going to the gym I feel so good afterwards and need that me time to just release everything!

Ok guys I'll let you know how my day went ✌️