Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween week

Unfortunately my week flew by and I only went to the gym once 😩 but I went low all week because Sunday I didn't do so good we had pizza and when we got it it was right in between lunch and dinner and I blew it but it's ok I made up for it and lost 2.2 which makes my total loss 13lbs and I'm in the 260s!!! Alsoeand I lost 50lbs since I had my boo boo

So Thursday was Halloween and I dressed my son up as a giraffe he had to be the cutest little thing I have ever seen in my life!!! We had a great busy day I brought him with his cousin (who's 2) aunt father and grandma to the mall for trick or treating lol his cousin dressed up as a dr and was adorable!!! Everybody thought my son was a teddy bear 

I also got to meet my sons baby cousin that was born while I was away he is sooo cute he looks like a real doll like seriously adorable!!! Now we are just waiting for his girl cousin to come which should come within this week!!! So excited 

I'm just so confused on what to do about the whole father situation with my son he always comes around after not wanting anything to do with him and he all of a sudden loves him and wants to take care of him it just doesn't make sense 

So anyways my plan today is gym with my new sneakers I bought this week lol I'm so excited they are bright green and bright pink!!  I got them in sale for 40 including tax I had a 25 gift certificate and my gay friend that lives with me he owed me ten so I used that and all I had to pay was 5 dollars!!! So after that I want to go get my nails done then on going to a costume party later tonight I'm going to be a leopard which is what I was last year but oh well I didn't really go out last year lol 

It's also weird to think that this time lady year I was starting the beginning of my pregnancy.. I knew I was pregnant right away but was on denial until around thanksgiving I had all the symptoms but didn't take a test until the week after thanksgiving and I was terrified and didn't know where to begin then as time went by and I googled everything plus had pregnancy apps on my phone it was much easier and I became a pro 

So that's about it I'm probably just go low during the day so I can have a drink of two at the party and be ok. 

💋Carbaholic mama 

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