Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ex roommate hits the gym!

Last 2 weigh ins went great!!! i lost a total of 29.6lbs now!! which means i was able to loose 25lbs and my 10 percent (29.4 lbs)

last night i went to the gym and who did i see there but... my ex roommate and she stole all my belonings... like everything from me so i have a lot of anger towards her... i was the whole reason why she ever started going to that gym... i literally dragged her there... and she even went into zumba which that zumba ALWAYS was my classs that i did with my friend and she knows that... she also had the nerve to talk about me as if she is the victim... which is something she always tends to do pretend she is the victim... our last days that we lived together she saw i was working on losing weight... it only lasted a couple weeks... she started to not eat and she started to loose some weight... she def isnt as big as i am... but she does need to loose some weight prob about 65-70 lbs.. but anyways when i saw her she looked like she gained all that weight back she prob thought that i either stayed the same or gained a little weight since i saw her though as well... hopefully i wont see her too much at the gym though i mean the only time i go to that one is when i go with my friend because there are a few other ones that are probably closer....

swimming has been going good in the morning... my mom and i have been really enjoying...everyone is always sooo nice at the ymca... i feel comfortable there... and i really love swimming

so im looking forward to this book i ordered on amazon to come here... its called jamima j... its looks like its pretty much about a fat girl at 27 with all her insecurites and she got through her all of it and lost her weight

sorry i been lacking puting in my blogs i want to get back to do it more

<3 Carbaholic Girlie

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de mayo went good!!!  i ended up making my own mexican dinner... very low points and very delicious :)!! and ate low all day so i could enjoy one margarita... which i did and i had a corona light which was 3 points... we had a fun night! some drama.. not with me though... but a fun night!

 i didnt end up getting either of those headbands... i curled my hair and put a flower clip in my hair instead... it looked really cute... i wore a mexican kind of looking casual dress... and a guy who had the most amazing deep blue eyes and italian (my 2 weaknesses) came and set next to me to talk...When he first came over i thought that he was doing it as a joke... because i thought why would someone who has a perfect body and so gorgeaus come up to me out of all these other skinny girls... but i didnt let him know i was thinking that of course... but then he def asked for my number and then called and texted me so i had his number and said he would text me later which he texted me to me saying he is home and he would text me tomorrow... he was really nice and he has a good job too he picked a flower for me and put it behind my ear lol... he owns a hair salon with his sister.   so that def pulled my confidence up a notch... Also my friend was totally crushing on his friend... and i think that it may have been mutual but he was really shy!

another thing i got excited about... was this mmorning i tried on a pair of jeans i  used to wear all the time but got too tight and now i fit into again!!! so a few things are making me happy this morning...

well my plan for the next few days is that im babysitting for that family again that i nannied for a few day starting tonight through wed morning.. so no time to go to the gym i think for the next couple of days... idk how you mothers do it everyday!!!

So right now im trying to get out of bed, go to the gym, then visit with my friend before tutoring her brother and sister then off to babysitting!

Carbaholic Girlie!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Dillema!

Well this morning started off dreary just like the rest of the week but the sun finally began to show itself here in ct!!! We def needed the rain though... the only snow we got all winter  season was actually the end of fall on Halloween lol! My mom and i have been enjoying the swimming in the morning... but we are trying to get used to the waking up extra early in the morning! Im hoping to be at 25lbs lost this week... hopefully ill be able to do it :)!!! and other thing is we dont understand how these women just walked around naked in the locker room????? i will absolutely never do that!

Tomorrow we are bringing the dogs to the vet... this will be the first time they are going together... we have one huge dog and one small one lol... when i moved back home i brought my little dog with me... luckily he was still a puppy and our big dog mothers him .... they just love each other sooo much!! but we will see what happens

Tomorrow is also Cinco De Mayo which means.... party time!! margaritas tacos tequila and coronas....  i dont really like tequila or coronas but i do like margaritas and tacos... which i hope i will be able to resist! I also want to buy this cute head band from party city


not sure which one yet... guess it depends on my outfit... i just lovveee fun accessories lol
anyways im exhausted so im going to just relax tonight!

Night loves,
Carbaholic Girlie <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Swimmer Inside of ME!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, i had a huge wake up call! I have always been a fabulous swimmer... i learned how to swim before i even walked! When i was in 4th grade i was a little competitive swim team and was able to swim 200 consecutive laps without taking a break. And from there i became even better, i was on a very competitive swim team where we traveled all over and went to state champions and etc. Well my mom and i decided we would start swimming in the morning before work... which means waking up earlier lol... and we got to the YMCA and started swimming and i seemed to only be able at most to do 4 laps (100 yds) before having to stop... I used to be able to do that in a meet (race) without a problem... So here comes a new goal for me: I want to become a stronger swimmer! and stick with it!!!

Well weigh i lost only .8 lbs but thats ok to me because i had such a huge lost last week and i didnt get to exercise at all because i was sick all week... so i wasnt expecting a huge number on the scale!

Today my meatball is graduating college or whatever its consider- she's becoming/ is a dental assistant... so i have the honor of seeing her graduate.. but not sure if we are going out to eat after- most likely we... hopefully somewhere that has some healthy options! but she knows im on ww... so should be ok