Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Swimmer Inside of ME!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, i had a huge wake up call! I have always been a fabulous swimmer... i learned how to swim before i even walked! When i was in 4th grade i was a little competitive swim team and was able to swim 200 consecutive laps without taking a break. And from there i became even better, i was on a very competitive swim team where we traveled all over and went to state champions and etc. Well my mom and i decided we would start swimming in the morning before work... which means waking up earlier lol... and we got to the YMCA and started swimming and i seemed to only be able at most to do 4 laps (100 yds) before having to stop... I used to be able to do that in a meet (race) without a problem... So here comes a new goal for me: I want to become a stronger swimmer! and stick with it!!!

Well weigh i lost only .8 lbs but thats ok to me because i had such a huge lost last week and i didnt get to exercise at all because i was sick all week... so i wasnt expecting a huge number on the scale!

Today my meatball is graduating college or whatever its consider- she's becoming/ is a dental assistant... so i have the honor of seeing her graduate.. but not sure if we are going out to eat after- most likely we... hopefully somewhere that has some healthy options! but she knows im on ww... so should be ok

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