Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ex roommate hits the gym!

Last 2 weigh ins went great!!! i lost a total of 29.6lbs now!! which means i was able to loose 25lbs and my 10 percent (29.4 lbs)

last night i went to the gym and who did i see there but... my ex roommate and she stole all my belonings... like everything from me so i have a lot of anger towards her... i was the whole reason why she ever started going to that gym... i literally dragged her there... and she even went into zumba which that zumba ALWAYS was my classs that i did with my friend and she knows that... she also had the nerve to talk about me as if she is the victim... which is something she always tends to do pretend she is the victim... our last days that we lived together she saw i was working on losing weight... it only lasted a couple weeks... she started to not eat and she started to loose some weight... she def isnt as big as i am... but she does need to loose some weight prob about 65-70 lbs.. but anyways when i saw her she looked like she gained all that weight back she prob thought that i either stayed the same or gained a little weight since i saw her though as well... hopefully i wont see her too much at the gym though i mean the only time i go to that one is when i go with my friend because there are a few other ones that are probably closer....

swimming has been going good in the morning... my mom and i have been really enjoying...everyone is always sooo nice at the ymca... i feel comfortable there... and i really love swimming

so im looking forward to this book i ordered on amazon to come here... its called jamima j... its looks like its pretty much about a fat girl at 27 with all her insecurites and she got through her all of it and lost her weight

sorry i been lacking puting in my blogs i want to get back to do it more

<3 Carbaholic Girlie

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