Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de mayo went good!!!  i ended up making my own mexican dinner... very low points and very delicious :)!! and ate low all day so i could enjoy one margarita... which i did and i had a corona light which was 3 points... we had a fun night! some drama.. not with me though... but a fun night!

 i didnt end up getting either of those headbands... i curled my hair and put a flower clip in my hair instead... it looked really cute... i wore a mexican kind of looking casual dress... and a guy who had the most amazing deep blue eyes and italian (my 2 weaknesses) came and set next to me to talk...When he first came over i thought that he was doing it as a joke... because i thought why would someone who has a perfect body and so gorgeaus come up to me out of all these other skinny girls... but i didnt let him know i was thinking that of course... but then he def asked for my number and then called and texted me so i had his number and said he would text me later which he texted me to me saying he is home and he would text me tomorrow... he was really nice and he has a good job too he picked a flower for me and put it behind my ear lol... he owns a hair salon with his sister.   so that def pulled my confidence up a notch... Also my friend was totally crushing on his friend... and i think that it may have been mutual but he was really shy!

another thing i got excited about... was this mmorning i tried on a pair of jeans i  used to wear all the time but got too tight and now i fit into again!!! so a few things are making me happy this morning...

well my plan for the next few days is that im babysitting for that family again that i nannied for a few day starting tonight through wed morning.. so no time to go to the gym i think for the next couple of days... idk how you mothers do it everyday!!!

So right now im trying to get out of bed, go to the gym, then visit with my friend before tutoring her brother and sister then off to babysitting!

Carbaholic Girlie!

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