Friday, April 27, 2012

Sick of being Sick

Hey All,

Been still trying to fight off this strepthroat!!!  still no gym time for me... i really want to go to the gym... mainly for the sauna lol! Ive been thinking of why my weight loss was going so slow... i honestly believe its because i was snacking, but, it would be all together and not spread out.. .so my metabolism wasnt always working... i started spreading out my snacks out more like i try to eat something once an hour from 8:30ish until 230ish.... then have a snack before dinner and then my ww ice cream later and am done for the night.... sometimes though its hard to do because im just soo busy at work!!

 So tonight im taking it easy, tomorrow i want to be well enough to go to the gym again, but im also going to movie and a dinner with my mom, great aunt, my meatball, and her mom- We're seeing the 5 year engagement... Also, my meatball and I are going to look for a dress for her and maybe do our nails and eyebrows,,,, then on Sunday i am going to the outlets a couple of my other girl friends... No going out at night this weekend for me though... im trying to get a 20lbs lost picture up but i dont have any too recent of a picture... Also my mom notices a difference and i feel a difference... like this pair of sweats i bought when i first started we too tight and no they fit very comfy... but its hard for me or really anyone else to see a change because of the fact i gained 45lbs in like 3months...

Ohhh i cant believe i forgot to write about this!!!2 Saturdays ago on the elipitical i was finally able to run a mile without slowing down at all!!! That was one of my goals!! The next day i ran 2 miles in i think 16 and a 1/2 minutes!! i couldnt believe it!!! i was soooo proud of myself!!!

Oh another fact... i need to start taking my own advice.... i run an extended learning program and told a couple of my kids that when they want to lash out to write/ draw why they are upset in a little notebook that they should carry around with them at all times and then react to the situation... both of them listened... but what about me with the 2 times i cheated... did i do that?? no i think if i did i would have benefited from it... like another time i blogged!

Carbaholic Girlie ox

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprising Weigh In!

Well it's weigh in morning!!!!

I lost 4.4lbs this week.... i cant really even tell you why??? I was sick all week so didnt do much exercising and was on antibiotic..... and i cheated... the only reason i could think of was that i have been doing the Jillian Michael's Detox jump start system and today is my last day... and it probably really cleaned out my system...

Other great news is that I made my first extremely big purchase all by myself... i bought a brand new car!!!! there is only like 10 miles on it after i brought it home!!!!So some exciting stuff happening to me!!! Another great thing is my best friend came back from her like 2 week European vacation ( i knoowww i am sooo jealous!) and we are planning on getting a personal trainer a couple times a week... the only thing is that she just needs to tone and i need to loose weight... but she lost like 100lbs a few years back... so idkk

Well today is work, dinner, gym... and thats about it ... and ohhh yeah biggest looser is on!!!!

So i finally hit past the 20 lbs weight loss!!!  22.2 lbs gone!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Food Hangover!

I wanted to share this article with you guys because it really struck me  and helped me out!

This week i have been lacking going to the gym... but thats only because i have been really sick....yet again! I have seriously been sick at least once a month this year and i think this is the second time i got strep! My throat was really swollen and it hurt soo much that the back of my head even hurt... ive got strep alot in my life but that was the worst throat pain i have ever had... the dr even gave me some gargle to numb and reduce the swelling in my throat... im on the last day of the medicine and i dont feel 100% better! Another reason i been lacking going to the gym is because of my car situation.... My car completely stalled out on my way to work last week! time that i buy a new car... so i am on the hunt for that! i will find out today if i get approved for a loan to buy this 2012 honda civic coupe ex!!!  I hope i get it!!! its beautiful! also a good long term investment...

Yesterday was a bad day for me diet wise! We went to NJ (i live in CT) to visit my cousin, and his family, who is moving to Tanzania! They made us a wonderful lunch roast beef, collard greens, and brown rice... They also gave us wheat thins and port wine cheese which was really good.... and they also served us ice cream... i did good there i only had like 3 crackers with cheese, a good portion of the meal and only a little ice cream... I was satisfied.... My mom though didnt do as good lol... she said when we got in the car she did horrible and she was already thinking about pizza... i didnt respond but dwelled on the thought of it.... anyways about half hour later we stopped and got snacks... and not healthy ones either... then later we got pizza.... i cantt eat as much pizza as i used to be able to but i def over did it!!! the worst part was before during and after i felt huge guilt..... and this morning have a huge stomach ache..... ughhh the food hangover!!! So today i am eating really light and hopefully it wont effect my weight on the scale too much tomorrow! This is the second time this cheating thing happened and i need to put a stop to it immediately and focus on this feeling that i get... i wanted to hit the 20 lbs lost this week... but now it doesnt look that way :(...

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Update!

So i know Ive been lacking posting blogs  but i just feel like i have just been soo busy!! and also upset because i want to loose faster... i feel like discourage even though i know its ok to loose weight fast and actually probably better for the long run... which i would tell anybody else... but i feel like i have worked out a lot and have accomplished some other goals.... the other day i ran a mile in 8 mins and 30 seconds... i couldnt believe it!!!! so that was a great accomplishment!!! i also know i had my first AND HOPEFULLY NOT HAPPEN FOR A LONG TIME AGAIN cheating binge... Easter weekend i dont know what i was thinking but i def cheated.... and it didnt help that i had my period that week either!! i gained like 2.8 lbs because of 3 days - plus water weight! but it happened... and then last tuesday i bought the jillian michaels detox (which i have used before and love!) its good because i dont have to fast or anything and its all natural supplements... so i been doing that and feel like my body is doing better! hopefully too this will jumpstart my weight loss/ metabolism... well anyways im not at work right now because my car broke down in the middle of the road at a light... and its time i just bought a new car!!! ive been saving up for this day for awhile now so i am excited i guess, but just hard to hand over all the saved up money plus have to make monthly payments.

so my new favorite thing to do is go in the sauna after working out.... and boyyyy does it feel good... the only problem is that some characters show up in the sauna some times and makes me feel uncomfortable lol...

well thats about it for now... hopefully next week i will hit the 20lbs lost mark!!!

Much love,