Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Update!

So i know Ive been lacking posting blogs  but i just feel like i have just been soo busy!! and also upset because i want to loose faster... i feel like discourage even though i know its ok to loose weight fast and actually probably better for the long run... which i would tell anybody else... but i feel like i have worked out a lot and have accomplished some other goals.... the other day i ran a mile in 8 mins and 30 seconds... i couldnt believe it!!!! so that was a great accomplishment!!! i also know i had my first AND HOPEFULLY NOT HAPPEN FOR A LONG TIME AGAIN cheating binge... Easter weekend i dont know what i was thinking but i def cheated.... and it didnt help that i had my period that week either!! i gained like 2.8 lbs because of 3 days - plus water weight! but it happened... and then last tuesday i bought the jillian michaels detox (which i have used before and love!) its good because i dont have to fast or anything and its all natural supplements... so i been doing that and feel like my body is doing better! hopefully too this will jumpstart my weight loss/ metabolism... well anyways im not at work right now because my car broke down in the middle of the road at a light... and its time i just bought a new car!!! ive been saving up for this day for awhile now so i am excited i guess, but just hard to hand over all the saved up money plus have to make monthly payments.

so my new favorite thing to do is go in the sauna after working out.... and boyyyy does it feel good... the only problem is that some characters show up in the sauna some times and makes me feel uncomfortable lol...

well thats about it for now... hopefully next week i will hit the 20lbs lost mark!!!

Much love,

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