Monday, April 23, 2012

Food Hangover!

I wanted to share this article with you guys because it really struck me  and helped me out!

This week i have been lacking going to the gym... but thats only because i have been really sick....yet again! I have seriously been sick at least once a month this year and i think this is the second time i got strep! My throat was really swollen and it hurt soo much that the back of my head even hurt... ive got strep alot in my life but that was the worst throat pain i have ever had... the dr even gave me some gargle to numb and reduce the swelling in my throat... im on the last day of the medicine and i dont feel 100% better! Another reason i been lacking going to the gym is because of my car situation.... My car completely stalled out on my way to work last week! time that i buy a new car... so i am on the hunt for that! i will find out today if i get approved for a loan to buy this 2012 honda civic coupe ex!!!  I hope i get it!!! its beautiful! also a good long term investment...

Yesterday was a bad day for me diet wise! We went to NJ (i live in CT) to visit my cousin, and his family, who is moving to Tanzania! They made us a wonderful lunch roast beef, collard greens, and brown rice... They also gave us wheat thins and port wine cheese which was really good.... and they also served us ice cream... i did good there i only had like 3 crackers with cheese, a good portion of the meal and only a little ice cream... I was satisfied.... My mom though didnt do as good lol... she said when we got in the car she did horrible and she was already thinking about pizza... i didnt respond but dwelled on the thought of it.... anyways about half hour later we stopped and got snacks... and not healthy ones either... then later we got pizza.... i cantt eat as much pizza as i used to be able to but i def over did it!!! the worst part was before during and after i felt huge guilt..... and this morning have a huge stomach ache..... ughhh the food hangover!!! So today i am eating really light and hopefully it wont effect my weight on the scale too much tomorrow! This is the second time this cheating thing happened and i need to put a stop to it immediately and focus on this feeling that i get... i wanted to hit the 20 lbs lost this week... but now it doesnt look that way :(...

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3

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