Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprising Weigh In!

Well it's weigh in morning!!!!

I lost 4.4lbs this week.... i cant really even tell you why??? I was sick all week so didnt do much exercising and was on antibiotic..... and i cheated... the only reason i could think of was that i have been doing the Jillian Michael's Detox jump start system and today is my last day... and it probably really cleaned out my system...

Other great news is that I made my first extremely big purchase all by myself... i bought a brand new car!!!! there is only like 10 miles on it after i brought it home!!!!So some exciting stuff happening to me!!! Another great thing is my best friend came back from her like 2 week European vacation ( i knoowww i am sooo jealous!) and we are planning on getting a personal trainer a couple times a week... the only thing is that she just needs to tone and i need to loose weight... but she lost like 100lbs a few years back... so idkk

Well today is work, dinner, gym... and thats about it ... and ohhh yeah biggest looser is on!!!!

So i finally hit past the 20 lbs weight loss!!!  22.2 lbs gone!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3