Tuesday, February 28, 2012

week 4 complete!

So i just am really writing to talk  about weigh in today.. I am down another 1.8lbs more... i was expecting a bigger number but i still hit past my 10 lb mark! i already feel like i can see and feel it in my body! I feel like i worked hard for that little weight loss... but at least im losing conisitently. I also wanted to say after 4 weeks things turn into a habit and this way of eating has become my way of life....

This Saturday im getting my hair done... which is kind of like my reward for losing the first 10lbs and something that needs to be done lol... im thinking about going really dark a couple of light brown and caramel highlights in my bangs and underneath.. not sure though!

Other than i just have been exhausted!

Nightie Night
Carbaholic Girlie!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Am My Own Worst Enemy!

This weekend i went to the gym on Friday and Sunday to workout on the machines... i realized i am my have alot of my own demons.... the whole time i am having an inner battle with myself of how i think i cant do it... and i am telling myself yes i can get through it, this is the consequence i have to pay for all the bad desicions i have made with food,  and I've made it through this workout before and i can do it again.... so I'm constantly arguing with myself... But when i leave i always feel accomplished!!! Another problem is that i think everyone in the gym is starring at me... i know that they aren't and they are only concerned with their work out but i still think that way... Friday i was at the gym sitting in my car battling with myself if i should go in or not.. after a couple minutes i finally did... then on Saturday i was on a bike after i went on an elliptical and there was only one bike open.. so i went to it and it was next to a man... i thought the whole entire time he was starring at me.. and i felt very insecure thinking that he was thinking why is this girl even here... but at the end of my workout he asked me what time the gym opens on Sunday... at that moment i realized he didn't care or was judging me at all... i am my own worst enemy!!! the only person truly judging me is myself and i need to defeat that if i want to get over this obstacle of loosing all this weight!!!!

Friday i got my taxes done... at least  i will be getting money back! Then went home to just relax...  Saturday i went to the gym then movies... i saw wonderlust- it wasn't the best movie or anything but it kept me laughing through the whole movie... we brought the healthy pop popcorn... with the fake spray butter... it was perfect for the movies!!! after the movies we went to Apple Bees... i had the sizzling chili lime chicken in the under 550 calories which was out of this world!! it was full of flavor and was extremely filling... it wasn't dinky at all!!! which was good because i thought it would be...  Then i went home to relax for a little and got ready to go out... i had alot of fun and am still in the mind set of i don't want all those foods that i get cravings for because i see what its done to my body and i want to to find a healthier substitute for it if i am going to eat it..  so i was good!! we went to a diner afterwards... my friends got fries with gravy and cheese... i was even tempted to eat one... i got  a cup of Manhattan clam chowder (the broth kind)... i figured that would be my best option... i probably went over my points a little bit yesterday.. but this is my first time diving into my weekly allowance/ fitness points... so i think i am ok... also today (Sunday) i went low on points just in case!

Everyday i am getting closer to my goal so i just have to enjoy the journey as i go along!

*Carbaholic Girlie

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No kickboxing for me!!

i ended up bailing on kickboxing... i got too scared especially since i would have gone alone... the last time i did kickboxing the class was too strenuous and i was alot smaller then... maybe im not ready yet!but i will be soon!!!!  right now zumba is doing the trick for me!

I was watching Biggest Loser last night and this morning before work (dvr) and thought how if i was on the black team i probably would have done the same thing as them... but then my mom made a point i didnt even think about at first... these guys risked a week of losing weight on campus- where you only get a limited amount of weeks there- to get rid of one person because of her drama...then i started to think... so what if the person brings drama and chaos to the house let them do what makes themself  happy... i would be in it for me and not let some drama queen ruin and jeopardize that.... i really think im starting to change my way of thinking now... i feel like i can overcome almost anything that is coming in my way and my days are focused on being one more day closer to my goal and another day down of being this heavy... if i keep it up i will be skinny before i know it... if not i will just get fatter... and get past my heaviest weight i have ever been and be miserable.... i feel great when i am losing weight... yeah every one has their struggles... but when im not losing i  have no control and eat a huge bowl of pasta and some garlic bread!!! and still be hungry lol.... but that is only satisfying for the time you are eating it... after you feel unbelievably sluggish or that omg i am soo full i cant even move feeling hits you...i call that the food hangover... its even worse than an alcoholic hangover...because at least with the alcoholic hangover you get over the bad feeling over a few hours or day of rest... but look at my stomach its huge... everything you do has an effect on your life or even body...

so with that another work week is almost complete and the weekend is very close... the weather here was beautiful i hope it stays for the weekend :)

Night ox
Carbaholic Girlie!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This morning was weigh in!  another week down and another loss!!! i am down 2.6lbs!!!!! i am very happy about that!! Especially considering i was sick most of the week! Ahh and that makes it a total of 9.6lbs in 3 weeks! :) and now i know i will be getting into fat now and not just water weight...

Also i starting thinking about food being my addiction and how when a person looks at me the first thing they see is a fat girl which obviously shows my addiction immediately.... a lot of drug addicts you cant even tell by first sight they are an addict of some kind... and being fat you need to face the humiliation every second of the day because people are judging you almost all the time about your weight!! Which is quite embarrassing!! and that became a new motivation for me to loose this weight!! Also, another motivation for me is this girl that i know startied loosing weight back in 2009 and we had about the same weight to loose and now she is skinny and down 170lbs- she looks like a completely different person!!! that could have been me if i just stuck with it!! ohhh the many reasons of loosing this weight definitely out "weighs" wanting to eat something "bad" or trailing offf.... i am going to do this and the world better watch out because i am going to be one hot mama lol!!!

Another thing i am trying to do this time, that may be different, is that i am trying to look at this journet as one week at a time and try to set longer term goal ( that aren't too far away) as i go along!! This week my goal is to make it to 10lbs lost and i am going to try kickboxing tomorrow night... omggggg idt i can do it but ill try! And i am still on the "short term goal" of reaching 250 by my cousins wedding!

tonight i went to zumba again alone tonight and i saw my old weight watchers leader there... she just said hi from far away... and was all excited to see me... but at the same time i had that huge guilt of ... yeah i know i gained all my weight back... but at least im loosing it now !! Another thing is i thing that a BIG group of my friends might be coming to zumba with me now which i def wouldnt have done at my rock bottom 3 weeks ago... and thing is i invited them!! there can possibly be 7 or 8 of us!!! who knows who else will joins us by thursday! but i wouldnt mind anymore ;)

I've learned my lesson the hard way and i am just sooooo done with this fat!!!  its getting blasted away!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Madness!!!

So Saturday i woke up feeling MUCH better but i had to make up for time that i missed during the week to run errands. I also snuck in going to the gym!! I always think of Saturday as a day to relax but it really just gives you even more time to fit in a work out!!  and why not if i have all this extra time!!!!I tackled getting back on the elliptical and other equipment!!! I had a great workout!!!

Saturday, i went out and saved some points for drinking so i would be ok... and i def danced a lot... i was literally sweating my butt off ;)... with one of my girl friends... i like dancing to like house music because i am not the type to go ahead and dance with a guy...i like jumping around and doing crazy moves to the beat... i kind of find it a little gross grinding with someone... but i had a great workout doing what i was doing!!!

But anyways, i went online on Saturday  to look at the local pancake house menu that we were planning on going to and they had a light menu!!!  On the light menu was the calories, fat,carbs, protein, and fiber facts which was perfect for me because i could figure out the points...  i was going to get an asparagus and tomato egg white omelet with low fat mozzarella cheese with one whole wheat pancake and it would have been 7 total points... it would be perfect... if we ended up going there!!!! But is good to know for next time :)!!!

Saturday night, something major happened to my friend who's house i was sleeping at.  I stayed up with her trying to calm her down and be there for her... she was also extremely intoxicated! But idk how she got that way she didn't drink that much ????

So anyways, i ended up not eating anything until i  came home at dinner time... I alsooo resisted a huge temptation at her house! About an hour before i left her mom made lasagna... she explained to us that she thinks she may have added too much cheese.. which in my eyes sounds soooooo good!! lol but i told her no that i wasn't hungry (even though i was) and that my mom made me dinner anyways... i thought i this was a good reason to lie... i, by no means, think its usually ok to lie but i had to.. .for my own health!

Another obstacle that i faced was tonight, my friend decided to bail on me for zumba but i went anyways without talking myself into staying home! i had a pretty good reason to  stay home too... i think i may have pulled a calf muscle dancing Saturday night...i keep trying to stretch it out but i think it just needs some time... ughhh... my mom thinks i strained my muscle from wearing like 6in heels on Saturday night but when i was dancing... i was dancing without my shoes on lol... so was my friend lol

So i have been eating miracle noodles like almost everyday... can i just say.. they are AMAZING!!! i ate the fettuccine tonight just with turkey meatballs and tomato sauce...delicious!! they are such a miracle for a carbaholic like me ;)

But once again im scared about weigh in tomorrow!!! most of the week i barely ate and today i ate all my points so i hope that doesn't make me gain... i know that not eating enough can make you gain weight .... *crosses fingers* hopefully not though because of all that extra water weight i was carrying last week... we will see though!! I'm not going to get discouraged though because i know where i went wrong and I FEEL GOOD!!! AND THATS WHATS MOST IMPORTANT! right???

I have been craving pizza lately any good ideas to get rid of the craving???

Anyways- wish me luck for weigh in!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3 ox

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sick of being Sick!!!

This cold or flu, or whatever it is, is really kicking my butt!!! I've had no energy not even to really eat either... the only thing Ive been wanting is soup and tea... which loss of appetite rarely comes to me unless i have food poisoning! lol

i made the soup with miracle noodles!! IT was really good i got to say

i sauteed up some onion, garlic, broccoli, and mushrooms spiced with garlic and onion powder. I then added some beef low sodium and fat free broth. i added some chives and cilantro and cut a lemon in have and squeezed out the juice and let the lemon sit in the broth for a little bit- to get a great lemon taste. i then added the noodles and let it sit for a while in the broth... it was really good... I'm not sure about the scent of the noodles but i heard online it could be fishy before you add it into your food and don't let that scare you away... the noodles just really taste like whatever you add it to in a noodle form... which i like because of the slurping part makes me feel like I'm being rebellious!

I haven't worked out since wed night because of this cold i have been antsy though like i want to go work out but i don't want to be more sick.. and plus i have no energy :(.. also since i haven't been eating much i don't think its great to work out... i hope that doesn't slow my metabolism!! well i guess we will see and hope that this week's weight loss isn't ruined because of this cold!!!

I'm hoping tomorrow to go work out tomorrow then get my nails done and find an outfit for tomorrow night... but it all depends if i get better or not over night! I really want to go tomorrow with my friends...

 ok well im going to drink some orange juice and take some nyquil and go to sleep!
What do you guys do when your sick?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Nasty Cold!!

Yesterday and today i have been trying to tackle this cold that i have. I tried doing zumba last night, even though i was extremely sick, and i felt good during and right after... But then the cold symptoms came back so i guess i didnt sweat it out... i havent really eaten anything today, im home from work just resting, i am about to make a soup trying the miracle noodles.... hopefully they are good... i never had them before! But all i been wanting is soup and tea, nothing crunchy or anything... i hope this wont effect my weightloss next week... i am not eating anything bad but.. i know that all the low sodium stuff does add up to lots of sodium eventually.... hopefully its just for last night and today, and tomorrow im back to normal... idk if i should go to zumba or not tonight??

I guess we will see!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2nd Weigh in and Valentine's Day!!!

First thing this morning i got on the scale.... dunt dunt dunt!!!! another 2.2 lbs lost... im happy with that number because my rantings of last night and next week will prob be better....

Today was Valentine's Day and at work we had a party!! With a party that means valentine's candy, cookies, and cupcakes!!! I did not struggle one bit.. Since i was the one serving them, it just looked like i had one and nobody paid mind or cared that i didn't... also i had noooo desire to waste my points on it... I could have looked up the points value but just didn't want any of the treats... they all did look good though!! One thing that i try to do is when i am in the middle of a temptation is to think about the taste it and that seems to satisfy my needs.. .especially since that is worth 0 points!!!

I think i am starting to get a cold... i just had a cold turned into a sinus infection a few weeks ago that lasted for 3 weeks... 2012 is not a good health year for me so far but hopefully this will be the last cold of the season!!

Saturday night, i am going to a birthday party for a friend and this has been planned for weeks... i should be able to tackle that night of drink easily especially since i am DD!! i rather be designated driver anyways because that will be just an extra reason i don't need to drink a lot..But what i am more worried about is im sleeping over my friends house and we are going out to breakfast to a place similar to ihop but is not a chain and has much more pancake options that are out of this world!!! The pancakes also come with huge omelets that again are delicious but soooo unhealthy... any suggestions on what i should do with this to prepare myself... i know to ask for them to cook my omelet dry and a vegetable omelet and egg whites... but am totally going to want those pancakes... hopefully imaging the taste will work... idk???

Anyways that's about it!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 2 Pre-Weigh in Thoughts :(

Tonight i went to zumba in another town hoping to get my old instructor... she just happened to be out today and tomorrow... her sub wasn't that great, she was very robotic and was very masculine! I think she would be a great kickboxing instructor but you can tell dance wasn't her strong point. My friend absolutely hated it!!!

I have been spreading out my points better the last couple of days!!! no last minute stuffings to my face lol! This weekend i think i had a lot of sodium and my time of the month should be here any day!! I feel it coming in my mood and cramps!!

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I'm going to pick up some treats for work. I never have a problem eating them because i just don't look at them and i get enough for everyone else but me. Plus i know i have my ice cream bar at home waiting for me.... When i want to be i can be very strong against temptation... keyword being want to.. I don't have to worry about a fancy Valentine's Day dinner or a box of chocolates because i am SINGLE this year which is okay with me!!!! Most of my friends are too, so i never really have to third wheel it lol!

But i am scared about weigh in tomorrow because of the sodium and bloated thing... I worked sooo hard this week and will be soooo discouraged if i didn't do good... but i have to realize that its not like i cheated myself in anything or did anything wrong, its just my body!!! I think i had a pretty successful week 2 overall!!! I conquered some carb withdraws and didn't even look back!!

Carbaholic Girlie

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today i started off with very low points just because i was being too lazy to cook or anything lol... its saturday so i just wanted to relax... anyways i went to the movies to the see the vow... i liked it... im kind of bias though because i love channing tatum and rachel mcadams!!! I brought 4points worth of carrots cucumber and hummus... turned out to be very messy and noisy to eat lol but was a good thing i could snacked on for awhile... my mom brought cocoa dusted nuts and that sounded like a good idea  as well... sometimes i bring the healthy choice pop corn... any other suggestions?

We went to chilis and i stuck to my margarita chicken... my mom  got the chicken fajitas and only ate one tortilla.. and we gave our appetizer to the rest of my family that was there... they wanted the fried mozzerella.... i soooo wanted it but said no i will be satisfied and feel accomplish by eating my meal... and boyyyy was it good... i looked up the mozzerella stick and it would have been 5 points for one... i could have had one but... again didnt think it was a good waste my points...

After dinner we went bowling... i didnt do as well as i usually do lol... we played 3 games and my best score was 113.. but i havent played in a long times... i am very competitive and did not like loosing 2 out of 3 games lol but i had a greatt time!

Coming home i found out Whitney Houston died today, they found her body at the Beverly Hilton... the death is unknown right now... but the first thing i thought about was her battle with drugs... and she had such a wonderful voice... its too bad that she lost her battle... i started reflecting on myself and knowing that my battle of drugs is food ... and i do nottt want to loose my battle at a young age... i want to be a warrior and defeat it completely!!! Since i do have a competitive nature, i need to think how i can not let this beat me!!! i need to and will win the fight!

Signing Out,
Carbaholic Girlie

Friday, February 10, 2012


Yeayyyy the weekend is here!!! This week went by super fast for me,  but i am still ready for the weekend!!!! Tonight i am taking a break from the gym and not sure what my social plans are as of right now but its still early in the night...

This morning i decided i was going to do even more points in the morning because i still am tackling that last minute stuffing my face to eat all my points before i go to bed.... and i get frustrated because i want to make a healthy choice and choosing a fat free pudding or a low fat ice cream is fast and not filling... because i have been overrrr full lately.... but also those choices are loaded in carbs and i like not to over do carbs every day because i am a carbaholic...

But by having a large breakfast i didnt snack as much today i think.... my breakfast was too big... so now while im waiting for dinner i am STARVING!!! lol and i am having carb withdraws lol!!! i totally would love some pizza or pasta..... which i am having whole wheat pasta anyways.... or some lasagna or ramen noodles lol...or chips or something  but i have enough motivation and strength right now to keep me motivated and go through this weak moment!!! all of the food might taste greatttt for the minute but my body obviously doesnt like it!! Just my mouth does and my mouth is small compared to the rest of my body lol... By typing this blog it  is helping me get my focus off of my cravings...  thankkk god!!!!! Anyways, tomorrow i need to have a slightly smaller breakfast so i wont be as starving and have another withdraw lol... also its almost that time of the month for me which could be another reason why i am starving!

So i have been looking at other peoples blogs and wondering how the heck does every one have the different tabs on top... like before pictures, recipes, and where you are at right now??? and also have only 1 blog show up at a time???? are there special html codes?

-Carbaholic Girlie

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Food is my Drug!!!

Another day on program down!!!

Saw another one of my friends today at the gym... she was taking the same zumba class as my friend and i were .... i was actually excited to see her there lol!!!! I had another good night in zumba :) too

Every time i go on a diet i try to be like the biggest looser and figure out what my deep rooted reason is for being so overweight so i can tackle it... but i never can figure it out!!!! Ive been through alot in my life but i really dont think thats it!!!! I dont think any of it caused me to gain weight... its just my pure enjoyment of food! I am not pickkyyy, for the most part, when it comes to food... i am picky about everything else though in my life about myself... meaning i am very picky about clothes, guys, and desicions i make!! But i am a very easy going person always down to go anywhere and do anything at least one time in my life...

I just think food is my drug and i need to learn to modify the use of it just like i enjoy drinking but i dont over endulge in it.... i just need to portion it properly and think of the future effects of me eating a half of a large pizza and ramen noodles every day...

Well im balancing my social life a little better i am about to go to a bar for some funny karoake moments with my friends!!! I am a terrible singer lolol!!!! Im not going to drink anymore than 1 drink.... if that!!! and it would be a cherry vodka with diet coke- about 4 points!!!

Carbaholic Girlie

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let it Sweat!!!!

i feel soo refreshed... sweatty but refreshed!!! Zumba was great i was literally dripping with sweat when i left my shirt was sooo soaked that when i got in the car it was freezing and didnt want it to touch the seat... i got over my fear of doing moves and do it... this zumba instructor was great... everyone got a greattttt workout!!! I seriously think i havent sweat that hard since i played basketball in highschool!!!
Tonight at the gym i only saw one person i know and it was a good friend- actually i was with this friend in that horrible before picture of me (in the black and grey dress) for her birthday!!
i realized who cares if someone sees me they are there too... its kind of stupid that i want to hide i do all this just because i am soo big... i think i use it as a security... like just in case i dont suceed all the way but i cant think like that... i need to think i can and will suceed!!!
I also bought from trader joes cilantro dressing... its perfect for my salad... its 1 point for 2 tablespoons and makes the salad!!!

Signing out
Carbaholic Girlie!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weigh in week 1!!!!!

This morning was WEIGHHH INN!!!! I have been a little emotional the last couple of days... probably because its about that time of the month for me... soo anyways i snuck into the bathroom and did a pre weigh in weight before i did the offical one with my mom.... it said that i was 287.8 which would mean i lost 6.6 lbs... but later on for some reason the scale went up to 289.6 which is only 4.8 lbs... i was sooo disappointed!!! but over the day i realized... number 1: i worked out 1 time this week and number 2: thats about 5 lbs and i still made my goal to get out of the 290's!!! thats really good... idk why i had this presumption that because it was the first week i would loose a 1lb or so more lbs... but i just dont understand why the scale changed like that in the matter of a half hour... and i didnt eat anything in between????? So yeah my next weeks goal is just to keep up with the zumba this week!!

 I went to zumba tonight and something clicked in my head... just dance... idk why but i have been so self cautious and thinking im too big to be doing moves like that lol... but at the end i realized i can do some moves lol... i may look silly but i need to loose this weight and the only way to learn is to make mistake... my weight is out of hand  and needs to get fixed.... the only way im going is down... and not up!!!!

 My friend told me tonight that i inspire her because she saw the way i was before with my weightloss journey and how i know the healthy foods to eat and she never knows... she said she didnt eat anything ALL day... i began talking to her about the kind of things she could do to eat and how its soooo important to fuel your body with the proper foods... and she def was listening and she is going to do calorie counting... sooo im happy for her!!! and happy i was able to inspire someone... the one other time i inspired someone with my weightloss journey was when my mother and i went to restaurant and we started talking to someone about weightwatchers and how we can eat wherever because i have the app on my phone of points for all these restaurants told them about how much we loved it and how much we lost... they ended up joining weightwatchers at a diff location and got our leader and told them how we inspired someone.... My number one goal in life is to make a postive difference in everyones life!!!
Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Dreaded wall of Mirrors!!!

Tonight i went to zumba! yeayyy for me... I was dripping with sweat and beat red after only 15 minutes.... but by the time is was over i was sweating  not tooo badd though....i didnt know any of the moves lol so i did HORRIBLE lol i always  was doing the wrong thing lol.... my friend didnt really know what she was doing either lol... also alot of times i held back because i was thinking... omg im too big to be jumping or moving like that lol..idk if i made an excuse for myself or whatt... im thinking it was a mixture of the two.

 so i never went to zumba near my house because alotttt of people i know go there... thank god i only saw 2 people i know well there but 1 of them didnt even see me lol... but they both are girls and one of them is big herself... and who really cares at this point if the see me at the gym....e veryone obviously knows im fat lol....

so i am proud of myself for going...  zumba is alot of fun but it is a great workout and difficult... i have noooo cordination when it comes to dancing lol... i want to get back into swimming...i loveeee swimming... an it will be less strenuous on the joints im soooo achey right now!!! Idk if my back and feet hurt because i got in a car accident a few months ago and sprained my upper, lower, and middle back , plus my neck anddd a minor concusion, and my foot from the fall last week... i think its just because im not used to moving like that...

another thing i hate in zumba class is there always lots of mirrors... yes i like it because its easier to watch the instructor but i hate it because i dont like looking at my big body moving like that.... when i look in the mirror i dont tend to look at my body more than i need to ... that  is something i miss doing... when i was losing the weight before i would start to love looking at myself thinking... woahhh this girl is HOT! CANT WAIT to do be able to do that...

So i have 4 points left... i have been having trouble eating all my points... BY THE WAY I NEVERRRR THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THAT.... but i just have sooo many... Tomorrow morning is weigh in!!!!Super Excited.... already finished week 1 of my transformation... now to continue on this journey.... 3 more weeks and this will become a habbit!!!! My mini weight loss goal for this week is to get out of the 290s and into the 280s! can wait to see what happens!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie ox

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Workout Gear!

I am soo excited!! i bought 2 sports bras, a sport bra tank top, 1 pair of yoga pants, 2 sweatpants, 4 t-shirts and NEW SNEAKERS.... i love themm they are the fitness kind and are black and pink... just my style!!!

Also im  proud of myself i went to chilis and got a margarita grilled chicken... which for the whole plate is 15 (but i counted it as 16)... my friend  and i got the 2 for 20 which comes with an appetizer and  wanted the texas cheese fries.... i loveeee thoseee!!! i resisted temptation though and only ate the jalepenos and a couple of chives and wiped off the bacon... and focused on my coke zero and talked alot so it wasnt too noticable... no comment was made :)... i counted it as 1 pt though just in case... techincaly i could have eaten the fries but i used dwlz app on my phone and saw for a whole half order with the ranch they would be like 40 points... half would be 20 and that is just not worth it to me!! but i was totally thinking about it at one point.... but thought about how i want to loose this weight more than eating those fries!!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

The Gym Dilemma hopefully solved!

Last night i made an excellent low point chicken... i cooked up 16 oz of chicken seasoned with about 1 tbsp of curry powder, 2 tsp of onion powder, 1 tsp of garlic powder, and lemon juice... then i slowly added 1 cup of milk (Hood Countdown)  and 2 string cheese broken up... which made a really good creamy cheese sauce... cheddar cheese prob would have made it even better.... and  lastly i added broccili to the mix... the whole thing was 15 points... the sauce was 3 points and the chicken was 12points.... for half. (8 oz) was 8 points... AND VERY FILLING! I will def make this recipe again!!!

so i used to do zumba in the summertime but my friend and i slowly faded away from it because of our schedules and what not... i liked going to zumba with this friend because she lost alot of weight and was heavy when we were in highschool so i felt comfortable with her ... plus we both are horrible at it lol... anyways she lives closer to a gym that i used to live by (since i moved) but now that commute is just too far for a gym especially knowing that there are 4 other gyms that are closer... so even if we started up again it probably wouldnt last long ...

I also used to go to the gym with my heavy friend... we even had a personal trainer together.... but both of us would make up excuses of why we didnt have to go anymore.... she recently texted me asking if i would like to start going with her... but we cant make excuses.. and i said yeah def but i wanted to wait until i started back up on program.... but now she has too much going on, that she is trying to juggle... so that is on the back burner for her at least right now....

i also asked my meatball if she wanted to start going to the gym with me again (we will always do really good for a few months and then just stop lol) but her contract ended and she hasnt been to the gyms in months so she didnt renew it.......

 So i have been trying to figure out who i can go to zumba or the gym with without being embarassed..... because like i said i have alot friends but most have the perfect body... so me next to them seems kind of silly... esp knowing i am going to work out with them... they are trying to tone moreawhile  i need to loose alotttt of weight... another thing is i dont like people knowing when i am on a diet... yeah afterwhile people might notice... but i dont like people asking me how much weight i lost.... when it prob looks like 10 lbs to them but is really 50lbs lol and still being soooo much overweight and have soo much more to go ..... or when you tell people you are on a diet and they judge everything you are eating... yeah they are just trying to help but they dont truely know what i can or cannot eat... i do!! and i dont want to be judged if i want to use my extra points on a fattening meal- its not their business... idk im just ashamed about being so overweight i guess :(

Then last night, i was on facebook and saw my other friend saying how she wants to loose 20lbs in 4 weeks... no way is that going to happen lol because thats all the weight she needs to loose lol... prob will take her like 3months... lol but i feel completely comfortable with her because i know she wouldnt judge me.... and im excited  because over the course of the last 2 years we grew apart... only because of one main issue which is not in our life anymore and we have a better connection because of everything that happened.. but we just are not in the same circle of friends anymore... slowly she is coming into one of my circles... IM trying to hook her up with my friend lol we will see how it goes lol... but yeahhhhhh tomorrow we will start zumba and  i am READY!!!

Right now im eating my morning protien shake then going to buy some  good workout gear!!! maybe a new undershirt, sweats, t shirts, andddd new sneakers... im thinking i want to get some shapeups!! but not sure!!! super excited and super motivated!! my ankle and knee still some what hurt from the fall this week lol; but hopefully tomorrow it will feel completely better!!

Signing Out,
Carbaholic Girlie

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I wanted to add this story about pink slime.... this will def keep me away from McDonalds for awhile!!!

pink slime!!

My Fabulous Mid Saturday Thoughts


Last night was relaxing... i usually go out and party on Friday and Saturday nights but i have just been sooooo tired... it's not that i dont know how to go out when on program  because i used to go out all the time... if i would drink i would drink diet coke with cherry vodka which for every shot worth of vodka put in is 4 points.... i would eat lower points during the day and save some for drinking but if i wanted more than 1 or 2 drinks i would use my extra weekly allowance... yes i know when you drink you are starving but if you get a fresco chicken taco from taco bell its only  like 4 points each or i would wait to come home to eat a light quick snack... also a burger from mcdonalds isnt too bad i think its like 15 points for a big mac... the following day or 2 i would just go light if i ended up going way over my points and that seemed to work for me. I dont tend to overload on drinking though... i nurse my drinks pretty good when i need to, this way it saves me money and points lol... Also i have a couple of friends who just like to go out with everyone and not drink so if i didnt want to drink i would be fine!!! But like i said i just havent wanted to go out... I think all this extra weight and since i was eating like crap i just dont have the self esteem or energy to go out... my friends are sooo cute and their bodies look soo much better than me.. .which makes me stick out in a bad way!!

so..... i ended up just staying in and eating chinese take out... noooooo i didnt go off i had steamed dumplings 7 points for 4 of them and eggdrop soup 1 point a cup... the egg drop is soooo good when i have cravings because the egg part substitutes the noodles in the soup for me... another choice i get sometime is steamed chicken, broccili and onions with szechuan sauce on the side... thats realllyy good and low in points... I am a hugeee fan of porkfried rice.... sooo it was a challenge for me not to get it anymore but i kept focus and told myself nothing tastes as good as skinny feels :)!! My weightwatchers leader alwayss used to say that.... even though i dont go to the meetings anymore i still remember certian phrases :) its good to have something to try to motivate you everyday to keep you on track!!!

Signing Out,
Carbaholic Girlie!

Friday, February 3, 2012

DAY 3!!!!

Day 3 was kind of busy for me- but I like busy! It was also Groundhog's day... which i cant believe that the groundhog saw its shadow!!!

So my knee and ankle both still hurt from the fall... it actually hurts more than when it happened! Hopefully this weekend will get better!!!

I was suppose to go to a local bar for karoake with my friends but i opted out that because i knew i didnt want to drink any alcohol, i was tired, and my MEATBALL came over- best friend for 11 years who everyone thinks she looks like Deena and everyone else used to think i looked like snooki when she was bigger and i was alot smaller... lol we both went opposite direction.. They also call us Deena and Snooks because they way we act. I am not by any means a girl who sleeps with every guy and neither is my friend!! We get eachother like no one else does and usually when i go places people say i can make anything a party or a fun time...So we call eachother our meatball... But yeah anywayysssss.... she came over  and i made dinner which was sso good and then we watched jersey shore!

Getting back on the diet made me realized how much i miss cooking.. i love it!!! Everyone always loves when i cook... my mom though is my biggest judge... she is sooo pickyyy! But in my dish i used tofu shiratke.. They are the bessttttt invention for a carbaholic like me... only 20 calories per serving and 3 CARBS... and if you cook it right they taste justtt like regular noodles... you need to open the package and drain it veryyy good then pat it dry with a paper towel and microwave it for about a minute.. Once you microwave it you need to cook it with whatever sauce it is that you are making... this will allow it to take on the flavor of the sauce... make sure you let it soak and warm up in the sauce for a decent amount of time... try a noodle for taste... it should not have a funky taste  or smell to it! Ive cooked it sometimes where i didnt drain it enough so it didnt taste great!

But anyways i made a chicken with some soy sauce, white wine, deli mustard, paprika, garlic and onion powder... and the vegetables i used was white onion, garlic, red peppers, and mushrooms. I fried the chicken up without using any kind of oil or butter just the sauce. I then took the chicken out and cooked up the vegetables for a little bit in the sauce and slowly warmed up the noodles with it....

But yeah it was delicious!!!!

So, i was having a little withdraws from carbs and soup but those noodles really did the trick... i couldnt believe i actually felt like that after only 3 days!

Another issue i had was i thought i had 5 points left and tried to figure out what i could eat when i am so full because i didnt have time for much snacking yesterday and dinner was only like 7 points so yeah.. i finally figured out and ate my points... realizing i really only had 1 point left!! so i was sooooo disappointed!!!!

That was my day though and i am not poisting my weightloss until tuesday night... because i want one number for the whole week!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Second Day Back ON!!!

Today was good!!! I was peeing all day and in my mind  im thinking...YESS GOODBYE WATER WEIGHT lol!!!!!  When getting back hard it is always hard to eat all of your points... and i have more points than i ever had before: 44!!!

So i didnt end up going to the gym last night but i was looking up motivations to exercise, one that i found on a few websites was to reward yourself after x amount of times working out and biggest loser this season is no excuses- the excuse of the week was like i have too much to loose... which is def how i feel... but if i dont go on i will have more to loose...

Today as i was leaving work for the day, i fell in the parking lot (since it was dark) and skinned my knee, twisted my ankle, and my phone flew out of my hand... so yeah no working out for me tonight!!!

Another thing is my friends put up pictures on facebook from this weekend and i could NOT believe how horrible i looked in them like i am sooooo embarassed and mortified... especially because i thought i looked cute!!!! At least i can have a good starting weight picture/ motivating picture!

I had a wonderful day as far as eating good stuff... One thing that was good was the progressive soup light  new england clam chowder.... but make sure you stop and stir the soup about 2-3 times will its cooking, i also had some turkey pepperoni:17 pieces are 2 points and its another good muncher with a mozzarella stick... sooo good!!! Another thing that I did today oppose to yesterday was I ate alot of points before i even left for work this way i wasnt trying to search for food at night!!!

Anywayssss i am exhausteddd so goodnight :)
Carbaholic Girlie