Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Madness!!!

So Saturday i woke up feeling MUCH better but i had to make up for time that i missed during the week to run errands. I also snuck in going to the gym!! I always think of Saturday as a day to relax but it really just gives you even more time to fit in a work out!!  and why not if i have all this extra time!!!!I tackled getting back on the elliptical and other equipment!!! I had a great workout!!!

Saturday, i went out and saved some points for drinking so i would be ok... and i def danced a lot... i was literally sweating my butt off ;)... with one of my girl friends... i like dancing to like house music because i am not the type to go ahead and dance with a guy...i like jumping around and doing crazy moves to the beat... i kind of find it a little gross grinding with someone... but i had a great workout doing what i was doing!!!

But anyways, i went online on Saturday  to look at the local pancake house menu that we were planning on going to and they had a light menu!!!  On the light menu was the calories, fat,carbs, protein, and fiber facts which was perfect for me because i could figure out the points...  i was going to get an asparagus and tomato egg white omelet with low fat mozzarella cheese with one whole wheat pancake and it would have been 7 total points... it would be perfect... if we ended up going there!!!! But is good to know for next time :)!!!

Saturday night, something major happened to my friend who's house i was sleeping at.  I stayed up with her trying to calm her down and be there for her... she was also extremely intoxicated! But idk how she got that way she didn't drink that much ????

So anyways, i ended up not eating anything until i  came home at dinner time... I alsooo resisted a huge temptation at her house! About an hour before i left her mom made lasagna... she explained to us that she thinks she may have added too much cheese.. which in my eyes sounds soooooo good!! lol but i told her no that i wasn't hungry (even though i was) and that my mom made me dinner anyways... i thought i this was a good reason to lie... i, by no means, think its usually ok to lie but i had to.. .for my own health!

Another obstacle that i faced was tonight, my friend decided to bail on me for zumba but i went anyways without talking myself into staying home! i had a pretty good reason to  stay home too... i think i may have pulled a calf muscle dancing Saturday night...i keep trying to stretch it out but i think it just needs some time... ughhh... my mom thinks i strained my muscle from wearing like 6in heels on Saturday night but when i was dancing... i was dancing without my shoes on lol... so was my friend lol

So i have been eating miracle noodles like almost everyday... can i just say.. they are AMAZING!!! i ate the fettuccine tonight just with turkey meatballs and tomato sauce...delicious!! they are such a miracle for a carbaholic like me ;)

But once again im scared about weigh in tomorrow!!! most of the week i barely ate and today i ate all my points so i hope that doesn't make me gain... i know that not eating enough can make you gain weight .... *crosses fingers* hopefully not though because of all that extra water weight i was carrying last week... we will see though!! I'm not going to get discouraged though because i know where i went wrong and I FEEL GOOD!!! AND THATS WHATS MOST IMPORTANT! right???

I have been craving pizza lately any good ideas to get rid of the craving???

Anyways- wish me luck for weigh in!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3 ox


  1. I used to eat the 20-calorie noodles from the tofu section at Whole Foods - not everyone likes them, but I'm Italian and could eat pasta all day, every day, so I enjoyed a low-cal replacement! I also like spaghetti squash and shredded zucchini as pasta stand-ins.

    For a pizza replacement, try this:

    Pizza isn't too bad, it's the crust (and overdoing it on unhealthy toppings) where folks get in trouble. I like lots of veggies and a little cheese, so the oat/egg crust is a good lower calorie replacement for a traditional flour crust.

    Also, Lean Cuisine makes a few different single-serve pizzas. 300-350 calories each, not bad for a lunch!

    1. omg that crust sounds delicious!!! thanks for the link!!!

      I have tried the tofu because i am italian too and can eat pasta all the time for every meal lol... the tofu noodles are great to me but only in certian things... like i dont like them plain with sauce and meatballs... but def in like an asian style dish! these miracle noodles have 0 calories and i think maybe 1 carb... but apparently they are made from some kind of fiber directly... and they take on the flavor of what you are cooking even more than the tofu

  2. Checkout this for pizza.
    I'm gonna change it up a bit and try my own version on the weekend. Save on a lot of carbs by using cauliflower as the crust!

    1. sounds great too!!! let me know how it tastes!!!!