Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This morning was weigh in!  another week down and another loss!!! i am down 2.6lbs!!!!! i am very happy about that!! Especially considering i was sick most of the week! Ahh and that makes it a total of 9.6lbs in 3 weeks! :) and now i know i will be getting into fat now and not just water weight...

Also i starting thinking about food being my addiction and how when a person looks at me the first thing they see is a fat girl which obviously shows my addiction immediately.... a lot of drug addicts you cant even tell by first sight they are an addict of some kind... and being fat you need to face the humiliation every second of the day because people are judging you almost all the time about your weight!! Which is quite embarrassing!! and that became a new motivation for me to loose this weight!! Also, another motivation for me is this girl that i know startied loosing weight back in 2009 and we had about the same weight to loose and now she is skinny and down 170lbs- she looks like a completely different person!!! that could have been me if i just stuck with it!! ohhh the many reasons of loosing this weight definitely out "weighs" wanting to eat something "bad" or trailing offf.... i am going to do this and the world better watch out because i am going to be one hot mama lol!!!

Another thing i am trying to do this time, that may be different, is that i am trying to look at this journet as one week at a time and try to set longer term goal ( that aren't too far away) as i go along!! This week my goal is to make it to 10lbs lost and i am going to try kickboxing tomorrow night... omggggg idt i can do it but ill try! And i am still on the "short term goal" of reaching 250 by my cousins wedding!

tonight i went to zumba again alone tonight and i saw my old weight watchers leader there... she just said hi from far away... and was all excited to see me... but at the same time i had that huge guilt of ... yeah i know i gained all my weight back... but at least im loosing it now !! Another thing is i thing that a BIG group of my friends might be coming to zumba with me now which i def wouldnt have done at my rock bottom 3 weeks ago... and thing is i invited them!! there can possibly be 7 or 8 of us!!! who knows who else will joins us by thursday! but i wouldnt mind anymore ;)

I've learned my lesson the hard way and i am just sooooo done with this fat!!!  its getting blasted away!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie


  1. Great job on the loss - keep up the good work!

    I know what you mean, about visually carrying our addictions. It's very tough. After I lost about 35 pounds, I felt unbelievably good, even though I still had 175 I wanted to lose. But some jerk yelled something mean out his car window, and I felt broken. People don't always see how far you've come, just where you are now and how far they think you have to go.

    At the same time, though, it's not such a bad thing, to have a visual of our addictions. It could be much worse, like addicts who can pass for not having a problem - it could be harder to reach out and help them. One of my rock bottom moments was an email from a relative who saw me getting bigger and bigger and finally intervened, asking what she could do to help me realize my full physical potential.

    1. aww you poor thing i def know those times... i work with kids.. enough said lol

      and those kind of emails are soo tough because they are just trying to help but they dont realize the anguish that it probably brought you..

      btw... what part of ct are you originally from???? i live in ct!

  2. Congrats on another success! And keep up your momentum! You're doing amazing! :)

    I too struggle with the fact that my addiction shows up on my face & my body. I mean if I was addicted to anything else... no one would have to know. But, then I probably wouldn't have to motivation to lose it! :P

    1. thank you soo much, im trying!

      Yeah that is def a motivating factor to loose the weight!!! and at least we dont have to go cold turkey with ALL food!!! but then again can be also be a challenge to resist because you can't go cold turkey as well!! ughh lol

  3. You're doing great and you'd be surprised by how many people bail just before your workout. I had to get used to not counting on having a workout buddy every time because it's MY health and MY gym. Good for you!

    1. you are sooooooo right!! i couldnt have said it anyyyy better!!