Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Fabulous Mid Saturday Thoughts


Last night was relaxing... i usually go out and party on Friday and Saturday nights but i have just been sooooo tired... it's not that i dont know how to go out when on program  because i used to go out all the time... if i would drink i would drink diet coke with cherry vodka which for every shot worth of vodka put in is 4 points.... i would eat lower points during the day and save some for drinking but if i wanted more than 1 or 2 drinks i would use my extra weekly allowance... yes i know when you drink you are starving but if you get a fresco chicken taco from taco bell its only  like 4 points each or i would wait to come home to eat a light quick snack... also a burger from mcdonalds isnt too bad i think its like 15 points for a big mac... the following day or 2 i would just go light if i ended up going way over my points and that seemed to work for me. I dont tend to overload on drinking though... i nurse my drinks pretty good when i need to, this way it saves me money and points lol... Also i have a couple of friends who just like to go out with everyone and not drink so if i didnt want to drink i would be fine!!! But like i said i just havent wanted to go out... I think all this extra weight and since i was eating like crap i just dont have the self esteem or energy to go out... my friends are sooo cute and their bodies look soo much better than me.. .which makes me stick out in a bad way!!

so..... i ended up just staying in and eating chinese take out... noooooo i didnt go off i had steamed dumplings 7 points for 4 of them and eggdrop soup 1 point a cup... the egg drop is soooo good when i have cravings because the egg part substitutes the noodles in the soup for me... another choice i get sometime is steamed chicken, broccili and onions with szechuan sauce on the side... thats realllyy good and low in points... I am a hugeee fan of porkfried rice.... sooo it was a challenge for me not to get it anymore but i kept focus and told myself nothing tastes as good as skinny feels :)!! My weightwatchers leader alwayss used to say that.... even though i dont go to the meetings anymore i still remember certian phrases :) its good to have something to try to motivate you everyday to keep you on track!!!

Signing Out,
Carbaholic Girlie!

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