Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today i started off with very low points just because i was being too lazy to cook or anything lol... its saturday so i just wanted to relax... anyways i went to the movies to the see the vow... i liked it... im kind of bias though because i love channing tatum and rachel mcadams!!! I brought 4points worth of carrots cucumber and hummus... turned out to be very messy and noisy to eat lol but was a good thing i could snacked on for awhile... my mom brought cocoa dusted nuts and that sounded like a good idea  as well... sometimes i bring the healthy choice pop corn... any other suggestions?

We went to chilis and i stuck to my margarita chicken... my mom  got the chicken fajitas and only ate one tortilla.. and we gave our appetizer to the rest of my family that was there... they wanted the fried mozzerella.... i soooo wanted it but said no i will be satisfied and feel accomplish by eating my meal... and boyyyy was it good... i looked up the mozzerella stick and it would have been 5 points for one... i could have had one but... again didnt think it was a good waste my points...

After dinner we went bowling... i didnt do as well as i usually do lol... we played 3 games and my best score was 113.. but i havent played in a long times... i am very competitive and did not like loosing 2 out of 3 games lol but i had a greatt time!

Coming home i found out Whitney Houston died today, they found her body at the Beverly Hilton... the death is unknown right now... but the first thing i thought about was her battle with drugs... and she had such a wonderful voice... its too bad that she lost her battle... i started reflecting on myself and knowing that my battle of drugs is food ... and i do nottt want to loose my battle at a young age... i want to be a warrior and defeat it completely!!! Since i do have a competitive nature, i need to think how i can not let this beat me!!! i need to and will win the fight!

Signing Out,
Carbaholic Girlie

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