Friday, February 10, 2012


Yeayyyy the weekend is here!!! This week went by super fast for me,  but i am still ready for the weekend!!!! Tonight i am taking a break from the gym and not sure what my social plans are as of right now but its still early in the night...

This morning i decided i was going to do even more points in the morning because i still am tackling that last minute stuffing my face to eat all my points before i go to bed.... and i get frustrated because i want to make a healthy choice and choosing a fat free pudding or a low fat ice cream is fast and not filling... because i have been overrrr full lately.... but also those choices are loaded in carbs and i like not to over do carbs every day because i am a carbaholic...

But by having a large breakfast i didnt snack as much today i think.... my breakfast was too big... so now while im waiting for dinner i am STARVING!!! lol and i am having carb withdraws lol!!! i totally would love some pizza or pasta..... which i am having whole wheat pasta anyways.... or some lasagna or ramen noodles lol...or chips or something  but i have enough motivation and strength right now to keep me motivated and go through this weak moment!!! all of the food might taste greatttt for the minute but my body obviously doesnt like it!! Just my mouth does and my mouth is small compared to the rest of my body lol... By typing this blog it  is helping me get my focus off of my cravings...  thankkk god!!!!! Anyways, tomorrow i need to have a slightly smaller breakfast so i wont be as starving and have another withdraw lol... also its almost that time of the month for me which could be another reason why i am starving!

So i have been looking at other peoples blogs and wondering how the heck does every one have the different tabs on top... like before pictures, recipes, and where you are at right now??? and also have only 1 blog show up at a time???? are there special html codes?

-Carbaholic Girlie


  1. The tabs at the top are pages. When you go into "new post" at the top right of your blog, you can create pages. That's the pictures and recipes I have on my blog.

    I am also a huge carb addict. The only way I could get away from them was to kick them cold turkey! A bit extreme I know, but it has worked for me. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up and your hard work will pay off. Your good health is the best reward you can give yourself:)

  2. I did the same as Leigh - I know carbs are my weakness, so I have to just avoid them. One cookie is too many, a thousand will never be enough. It's very tough in the beginning, but it does get easier.

    If you tinker around with your blog's settings in Blogger, you can change how many posts are up per day. The tabs, like Leigh mentioned, are pages. I love that function - keeps it all neat and organized!

  3. Thanks guys!!! I am going play around with the settings !!!

    Yeah thats what i did last time i was on a diet... i got rid of my carbaholic wayslol!! i was able to eat carbs with complete control until i reverted back to my old lifestylelol! and you are soooo right!!!! there is nothing more important than good health