Friday, February 17, 2012

Sick of being Sick!!!

This cold or flu, or whatever it is, is really kicking my butt!!! I've had no energy not even to really eat either... the only thing Ive been wanting is soup and tea... which loss of appetite rarely comes to me unless i have food poisoning! lol

i made the soup with miracle noodles!! IT was really good i got to say

i sauteed up some onion, garlic, broccoli, and mushrooms spiced with garlic and onion powder. I then added some beef low sodium and fat free broth. i added some chives and cilantro and cut a lemon in have and squeezed out the juice and let the lemon sit in the broth for a little bit- to get a great lemon taste. i then added the noodles and let it sit for a while in the broth... it was really good... I'm not sure about the scent of the noodles but i heard online it could be fishy before you add it into your food and don't let that scare you away... the noodles just really taste like whatever you add it to in a noodle form... which i like because of the slurping part makes me feel like I'm being rebellious!

I haven't worked out since wed night because of this cold i have been antsy though like i want to go work out but i don't want to be more sick.. and plus i have no energy :(.. also since i haven't been eating much i don't think its great to work out... i hope that doesn't slow my metabolism!! well i guess we will see and hope that this week's weight loss isn't ruined because of this cold!!!

I'm hoping tomorrow to go work out tomorrow then get my nails done and find an outfit for tomorrow night... but it all depends if i get better or not over night! I really want to go tomorrow with my friends...

 ok well im going to drink some orange juice and take some nyquil and go to sleep!
What do you guys do when your sick?


  1. Really hope your feeling better!! <3 Sometimes a nice hot Shower does it for me.. Other times its jsut More then that and I just gotta wait for my body to fight it oxo Feel better again <3!

  2. thanksss hun!!! Yeah, taking a nice hot shower is a great reliever!

  3. It feels like ages since I've been good and sick. I used to just stay in bed for the day, but that's no longer possible since having a child:) Hope you feel better soon:)

  4. I try to sleep it off when I'm sick but usually just have to suck it up and be a mom to my kiddos. Hope you feel better soon ((HUGS))