Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Second Day Back ON!!!

Today was good!!! I was peeing all day and in my mind  im thinking...YESS GOODBYE WATER WEIGHT lol!!!!!  When getting back hard it is always hard to eat all of your points... and i have more points than i ever had before: 44!!!

So i didnt end up going to the gym last night but i was looking up motivations to exercise, one that i found on a few websites was to reward yourself after x amount of times working out and biggest loser this season is no excuses- the excuse of the week was like i have too much to loose... which is def how i feel... but if i dont go on i will have more to loose...

Today as i was leaving work for the day, i fell in the parking lot (since it was dark) and skinned my knee, twisted my ankle, and my phone flew out of my hand... so yeah no working out for me tonight!!!

Another thing is my friends put up pictures on facebook from this weekend and i could NOT believe how horrible i looked in them like i am sooooo embarassed and mortified... especially because i thought i looked cute!!!! At least i can have a good starting weight picture/ motivating picture!

I had a wonderful day as far as eating good stuff... One thing that was good was the progressive soup light  new england clam chowder.... but make sure you stop and stir the soup about 2-3 times will its cooking, i also had some turkey pepperoni:17 pieces are 2 points and its another good muncher with a mozzarella stick... sooo good!!! Another thing that I did today oppose to yesterday was I ate alot of points before i even left for work this way i wasnt trying to search for food at night!!!

Anywayssss i am exhausteddd so goodnight :)
Carbaholic Girlie

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