Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So today I started back on. It turns out that I ended up gaining every single pound back including a couple extra pounds and I am at 294.4 lbs. I was sooooo upset about how close to 300lbs I am... I have never and will never be 300lbs.  So that gave me alot of motivation! Also my mom is only 8lbs more than me which is another motivation because I am not letting her become less than me!!!! I want her to suceed and do well but I just can never bare the fact that she could possibly weigh less than me, so I will just push myself extra hard and encourage her along her journey because we both have a longgggggg way to go together!

Even though I just started today, I already feel soo much better. I started taking my vitamins again- i bought the gummy kind and they actually taste good!- so that could be a reason why. Also, I like knowing that I am losing weight and not gaining it!! Plus, i like planning and organizing my food plan for the day- to me it's kind of like a game. I always think about what good things can I eat today to add to my points that will benefit me or that I must eat. By having that mind set it will make it possible for me NOT to fall off the wagon again. On Weight Watchers you are allowed to eat anything that you crave as long as you dont have it everyday, don't overload on it, and you have the points for it. This is great because when I have a weak moment I do not need to make it into a weak entire meal or day in that matter!

Another thing i love about eating healthy is the FOODD!! For breakfast I had a banana, protien shake, and a tablespoon of peanut butter- 6 points and I got 2 calciums in... If I was still under 250lbs it would be all the calcium I needed for the day- I will probably have a cup of milk later! Also i snacked on this AMAZING hummus ( I eat hummus almost everyday when I am on program) that was a very spicy hummus by Sabra (sp?) (I loveee spicy!) with carrots... 2 tablespoons is 2 points... soo yummy... and is a good thing you can munch on for awhile... I also had a cup of Blueberry Green tea (my favoriteee) this morning. And a salad with roastbeef on top with 2 tsps of olive oil combined with a no calorie no sugar fat free ranch dressing and tons of veggies for lunch. Let me tell youuuu, this salad made me soooo fulll i had a stomach acheeee after- I was SHOCKED! I just had an apple and emerold's cocoa roasted almonds 100 cal pack... Another greattt treat.  For dinner I am going to make some kind of veryy lean ground chicken meat with concuction- not quite sure what maybe just a burger?

But yeah so I am kind of struggling with if I should go to the gym or not... I feel like I am wayyyy to big now to be on the machines and everyone will stare at me plus this time of year the gym is extra packed... Also I am saying to myself to wait to start exercising when my weightloss begins to slow down. Butttt on the other side, I feel like am I just making excuses up and I am going on vacation to Cancun in July for my cousins wedding... so I want to loose alot of weight by then! But I am also so exhausted today.. don't have sweatpants or good sneakers... because recently all of my stuff was stolen!! long story- dont want to talk  about it!!! So I need to at least buy some sweats! idk!! So yeah that's my first day which I think was pretty succesful food wise and we will see how the week goes :)

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Carbaholic Girlie

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