Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Gym Dilemma hopefully solved!

Last night i made an excellent low point chicken... i cooked up 16 oz of chicken seasoned with about 1 tbsp of curry powder, 2 tsp of onion powder, 1 tsp of garlic powder, and lemon juice... then i slowly added 1 cup of milk (Hood Countdown)  and 2 string cheese broken up... which made a really good creamy cheese sauce... cheddar cheese prob would have made it even better.... and  lastly i added broccili to the mix... the whole thing was 15 points... the sauce was 3 points and the chicken was 12points.... for half. (8 oz) was 8 points... AND VERY FILLING! I will def make this recipe again!!!

so i used to do zumba in the summertime but my friend and i slowly faded away from it because of our schedules and what not... i liked going to zumba with this friend because she lost alot of weight and was heavy when we were in highschool so i felt comfortable with her ... plus we both are horrible at it lol... anyways she lives closer to a gym that i used to live by (since i moved) but now that commute is just too far for a gym especially knowing that there are 4 other gyms that are closer... so even if we started up again it probably wouldnt last long ...

I also used to go to the gym with my heavy friend... we even had a personal trainer together.... but both of us would make up excuses of why we didnt have to go anymore.... she recently texted me asking if i would like to start going with her... but we cant make excuses.. and i said yeah def but i wanted to wait until i started back up on program.... but now she has too much going on, that she is trying to juggle... so that is on the back burner for her at least right now....

i also asked my meatball if she wanted to start going to the gym with me again (we will always do really good for a few months and then just stop lol) but her contract ended and she hasnt been to the gyms in months so she didnt renew it.......

 So i have been trying to figure out who i can go to zumba or the gym with without being embarassed..... because like i said i have alot friends but most have the perfect body... so me next to them seems kind of silly... esp knowing i am going to work out with them... they are trying to tone moreawhile  i need to loose alotttt of weight... another thing is i dont like people knowing when i am on a diet... yeah afterwhile people might notice... but i dont like people asking me how much weight i lost.... when it prob looks like 10 lbs to them but is really 50lbs lol and still being soooo much overweight and have soo much more to go ..... or when you tell people you are on a diet and they judge everything you are eating... yeah they are just trying to help but they dont truely know what i can or cannot eat... i do!! and i dont want to be judged if i want to use my extra points on a fattening meal- its not their business... idk im just ashamed about being so overweight i guess :(

Then last night, i was on facebook and saw my other friend saying how she wants to loose 20lbs in 4 weeks... no way is that going to happen lol because thats all the weight she needs to loose lol... prob will take her like 3months... lol but i feel completely comfortable with her because i know she wouldnt judge me.... and im excited  because over the course of the last 2 years we grew apart... only because of one main issue which is not in our life anymore and we have a better connection because of everything that happened.. but we just are not in the same circle of friends anymore... slowly she is coming into one of my circles... IM trying to hook her up with my friend lol we will see how it goes lol... but yeahhhhhh tomorrow we will start zumba and  i am READY!!!

Right now im eating my morning protien shake then going to buy some  good workout gear!!! maybe a new undershirt, sweats, t shirts, andddd new sneakers... im thinking i want to get some shapeups!! but not sure!!! super excited and super motivated!! my ankle and knee still some what hurt from the fall this week lol; but hopefully tomorrow it will feel completely better!!

Signing Out,
Carbaholic Girlie

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