Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 2 Pre-Weigh in Thoughts :(

Tonight i went to zumba in another town hoping to get my old instructor... she just happened to be out today and tomorrow... her sub wasn't that great, she was very robotic and was very masculine! I think she would be a great kickboxing instructor but you can tell dance wasn't her strong point. My friend absolutely hated it!!!

I have been spreading out my points better the last couple of days!!! no last minute stuffings to my face lol! This weekend i think i had a lot of sodium and my time of the month should be here any day!! I feel it coming in my mood and cramps!!

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I'm going to pick up some treats for work. I never have a problem eating them because i just don't look at them and i get enough for everyone else but me. Plus i know i have my ice cream bar at home waiting for me.... When i want to be i can be very strong against temptation... keyword being want to.. I don't have to worry about a fancy Valentine's Day dinner or a box of chocolates because i am SINGLE this year which is okay with me!!!! Most of my friends are too, so i never really have to third wheel it lol!

But i am scared about weigh in tomorrow because of the sodium and bloated thing... I worked sooo hard this week and will be soooo discouraged if i didn't do good... but i have to realize that its not like i cheated myself in anything or did anything wrong, its just my body!!! I think i had a pretty successful week 2 overall!!! I conquered some carb withdraws and didn't even look back!!

Carbaholic Girlie


  1. You will be fine and if there is a gain (which i doubt) atleast you know what its from so dont beat your self up about it continue what your doing and the week afters weigh in will be even better :)

  2. If you end up retaining water, it will come off by next weigh-in. Just make sure you drink lots and lots of water! Good luck!

  3. yeah, im trying to drink more water! i def could try drinking more though