Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let it Sweat!!!!

i feel soo refreshed... sweatty but refreshed!!! Zumba was great i was literally dripping with sweat when i left my shirt was sooo soaked that when i got in the car it was freezing and didnt want it to touch the seat... i got over my fear of doing moves and do it... this zumba instructor was great... everyone got a greattttt workout!!! I seriously think i havent sweat that hard since i played basketball in highschool!!!
Tonight at the gym i only saw one person i know and it was a good friend- actually i was with this friend in that horrible before picture of me (in the black and grey dress) for her birthday!!
i realized who cares if someone sees me they are there too... its kind of stupid that i want to hide i do all this just because i am soo big... i think i use it as a security... like just in case i dont suceed all the way but i cant think like that... i need to think i can and will suceed!!!
I also bought from trader joes cilantro dressing... its perfect for my salad... its 1 point for 2 tablespoons and makes the salad!!!

Signing out
Carbaholic Girlie!


  1. You're doing great:) Sounds like you're letting go of your personal hang-ups about your weight and just raring to move forward (and down). That will definitely bring you success. Be proud of all you've accomplished so far! I gave you a shout out on my blog. I'm hoping you'll get more support and followers. It always helps when you have others rooting for you:) Have a great day!

  2. GO YOU! I am totally not able to handle the moves that Zumba has. Sounds like your rocking them though! :)

  3. I see your headless pics. LOL I see you are young. I envy the resilience of young skin. You lose weight and look like a diva! I am hoping this for you. Welcome to bloggie land!

    1. haha yeahhh im headlesss!!!

      thanksss girl!!!