Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weigh in week 1!!!!!

This morning was WEIGHHH INN!!!! I have been a little emotional the last couple of days... probably because its about that time of the month for me... soo anyways i snuck into the bathroom and did a pre weigh in weight before i did the offical one with my mom.... it said that i was 287.8 which would mean i lost 6.6 lbs... but later on for some reason the scale went up to 289.6 which is only 4.8 lbs... i was sooo disappointed!!! but over the day i realized... number 1: i worked out 1 time this week and number 2: thats about 5 lbs and i still made my goal to get out of the 290's!!! thats really good... idk why i had this presumption that because it was the first week i would loose a 1lb or so more lbs... but i just dont understand why the scale changed like that in the matter of a half hour... and i didnt eat anything in between????? So yeah my next weeks goal is just to keep up with the zumba this week!!

 I went to zumba tonight and something clicked in my head... just dance... idk why but i have been so self cautious and thinking im too big to be doing moves like that lol... but at the end i realized i can do some moves lol... i may look silly but i need to loose this weight and the only way to learn is to make mistake... my weight is out of hand  and needs to get fixed.... the only way im going is down... and not up!!!!

 My friend told me tonight that i inspire her because she saw the way i was before with my weightloss journey and how i know the healthy foods to eat and she never knows... she said she didnt eat anything ALL day... i began talking to her about the kind of things she could do to eat and how its soooo important to fuel your body with the proper foods... and she def was listening and she is going to do calorie counting... sooo im happy for her!!! and happy i was able to inspire someone... the one other time i inspired someone with my weightloss journey was when my mother and i went to restaurant and we started talking to someone about weightwatchers and how we can eat wherever because i have the app on my phone of points for all these restaurants told them about how much we loved it and how much we lost... they ended up joining weightwatchers at a diff location and got our leader and told them how we inspired someone.... My number one goal in life is to make a postive difference in everyones life!!!
Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie


  1. Great weight-loss! Don't be disappointed by weight fluctuations throughout the day. It's water weight. Over a couple of days, my weight fluctuated 6 pounds! Just make sure you drink enough fluids so that you're not retaining any water. Keep it up. You're doing great:)

    1. THANKS Leigh!!! You are soo right!!! <3