Sunday, February 5, 2012

Workout Gear!

I am soo excited!! i bought 2 sports bras, a sport bra tank top, 1 pair of yoga pants, 2 sweatpants, 4 t-shirts and NEW SNEAKERS.... i love themm they are the fitness kind and are black and pink... just my style!!!

Also im  proud of myself i went to chilis and got a margarita grilled chicken... which for the whole plate is 15 (but i counted it as 16)... my friend  and i got the 2 for 20 which comes with an appetizer and  wanted the texas cheese fries.... i loveeee thoseee!!! i resisted temptation though and only ate the jalepenos and a couple of chives and wiped off the bacon... and focused on my coke zero and talked alot so it wasnt too noticable... no comment was made :)... i counted it as 1 pt though just in case... techincaly i could have eaten the fries but i used dwlz app on my phone and saw for a whole half order with the ranch they would be like 40 points... half would be 20 and that is just not worth it to me!! but i was totally thinking about it at one point.... but thought about how i want to loose this weight more than eating those fries!!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

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