Thursday, February 23, 2012

No kickboxing for me!!

i ended up bailing on kickboxing... i got too scared especially since i would have gone alone... the last time i did kickboxing the class was too strenuous and i was alot smaller then... maybe im not ready yet!but i will be soon!!!!  right now zumba is doing the trick for me!

I was watching Biggest Loser last night and this morning before work (dvr) and thought how if i was on the black team i probably would have done the same thing as them... but then my mom made a point i didnt even think about at first... these guys risked a week of losing weight on campus- where you only get a limited amount of weeks there- to get rid of one person because of her drama...then i started to think... so what if the person brings drama and chaos to the house let them do what makes themself  happy... i would be in it for me and not let some drama queen ruin and jeopardize that.... i really think im starting to change my way of thinking now... i feel like i can overcome almost anything that is coming in my way and my days are focused on being one more day closer to my goal and another day down of being this heavy... if i keep it up i will be skinny before i know it... if not i will just get fatter... and get past my heaviest weight i have ever been and be miserable.... i feel great when i am losing weight... yeah every one has their struggles... but when im not losing i  have no control and eat a huge bowl of pasta and some garlic bread!!! and still be hungry lol.... but that is only satisfying for the time you are eating it... after you feel unbelievably sluggish or that omg i am soo full i cant even move feeling hits you...i call that the food hangover... its even worse than an alcoholic hangover...because at least with the alcoholic hangover you get over the bad feeling over a few hours or day of rest... but look at my stomach its huge... everything you do has an effect on your life or even body...

so with that another work week is almost complete and the weekend is very close... the weather here was beautiful i hope it stays for the weekend :)

Night ox
Carbaholic Girlie!

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