Monday, February 6, 2012

The Dreaded wall of Mirrors!!!

Tonight i went to zumba! yeayyy for me... I was dripping with sweat and beat red after only 15 minutes.... but by the time is was over i was sweating  not tooo badd though....i didnt know any of the moves lol so i did HORRIBLE lol i always  was doing the wrong thing lol.... my friend didnt really know what she was doing either lol... also alot of times i held back because i was thinking... omg im too big to be jumping or moving like that lol..idk if i made an excuse for myself or whatt... im thinking it was a mixture of the two.

 so i never went to zumba near my house because alotttt of people i know go there... thank god i only saw 2 people i know well there but 1 of them didnt even see me lol... but they both are girls and one of them is big herself... and who really cares at this point if the see me at the gym....e veryone obviously knows im fat lol....

so i am proud of myself for going...  zumba is alot of fun but it is a great workout and difficult... i have noooo cordination when it comes to dancing lol... i want to get back into swimming...i loveeee swimming... an it will be less strenuous on the joints im soooo achey right now!!! Idk if my back and feet hurt because i got in a car accident a few months ago and sprained my upper, lower, and middle back , plus my neck anddd a minor concusion, and my foot from the fall last week... i think its just because im not used to moving like that...

another thing i hate in zumba class is there always lots of mirrors... yes i like it because its easier to watch the instructor but i hate it because i dont like looking at my big body moving like that.... when i look in the mirror i dont tend to look at my body more than i need to ... that  is something i miss doing... when i was losing the weight before i would start to love looking at myself thinking... woahhh this girl is HOT! CANT WAIT to do be able to do that...

So i have 4 points left... i have been having trouble eating all my points... BY THE WAY I NEVERRRR THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THAT.... but i just have sooo many... Tomorrow morning is weigh in!!!!Super Excited.... already finished week 1 of my transformation... now to continue on this journey.... 3 more weeks and this will become a habbit!!!! My mini weight loss goal for this week is to get out of the 290s and into the 280s! can wait to see what happens!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie ox


  1. Hope you had a good weigh-in:) Looking forward to following your progress!