Tuesday, February 28, 2012

week 4 complete!

So i just am really writing to talk  about weigh in today.. I am down another 1.8lbs more... i was expecting a bigger number but i still hit past my 10 lb mark! i already feel like i can see and feel it in my body! I feel like i worked hard for that little weight loss... but at least im losing conisitently. I also wanted to say after 4 weeks things turn into a habit and this way of eating has become my way of life....

This Saturday im getting my hair done... which is kind of like my reward for losing the first 10lbs and something that needs to be done lol... im thinking about going really dark a couple of light brown and caramel highlights in my bangs and underneath.. not sure though!

Other than i just have been exhausted!

Nightie Night
Carbaholic Girlie!

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  1. I hope this has become a habit for you. Great progress!