Friday, February 3, 2012

DAY 3!!!!

Day 3 was kind of busy for me- but I like busy! It was also Groundhog's day... which i cant believe that the groundhog saw its shadow!!!

So my knee and ankle both still hurt from the fall... it actually hurts more than when it happened! Hopefully this weekend will get better!!!

I was suppose to go to a local bar for karoake with my friends but i opted out that because i knew i didnt want to drink any alcohol, i was tired, and my MEATBALL came over- best friend for 11 years who everyone thinks she looks like Deena and everyone else used to think i looked like snooki when she was bigger and i was alot smaller... lol we both went opposite direction.. They also call us Deena and Snooks because they way we act. I am not by any means a girl who sleeps with every guy and neither is my friend!! We get eachother like no one else does and usually when i go places people say i can make anything a party or a fun time...So we call eachother our meatball... But yeah anywayysssss.... she came over  and i made dinner which was sso good and then we watched jersey shore!

Getting back on the diet made me realized how much i miss cooking.. i love it!!! Everyone always loves when i cook... my mom though is my biggest judge... she is sooo pickyyy! But in my dish i used tofu shiratke.. They are the bessttttt invention for a carbaholic like me... only 20 calories per serving and 3 CARBS... and if you cook it right they taste justtt like regular noodles... you need to open the package and drain it veryyy good then pat it dry with a paper towel and microwave it for about a minute.. Once you microwave it you need to cook it with whatever sauce it is that you are making... this will allow it to take on the flavor of the sauce... make sure you let it soak and warm up in the sauce for a decent amount of time... try a noodle for taste... it should not have a funky taste  or smell to it! Ive cooked it sometimes where i didnt drain it enough so it didnt taste great!

But anyways i made a chicken with some soy sauce, white wine, deli mustard, paprika, garlic and onion powder... and the vegetables i used was white onion, garlic, red peppers, and mushrooms. I fried the chicken up without using any kind of oil or butter just the sauce. I then took the chicken out and cooked up the vegetables for a little bit in the sauce and slowly warmed up the noodles with it....

But yeah it was delicious!!!!

So, i was having a little withdraws from carbs and soup but those noodles really did the trick... i couldnt believe i actually felt like that after only 3 days!

Another issue i had was i thought i had 5 points left and tried to figure out what i could eat when i am so full because i didnt have time for much snacking yesterday and dinner was only like 7 points so yeah.. i finally figured out and ate my points... realizing i really only had 1 point left!! so i was sooooo disappointed!!!!

That was my day though and i am not poisting my weightloss until tuesday night... because i want one number for the whole week!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie

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