Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2nd Weigh in and Valentine's Day!!!

First thing this morning i got on the scale.... dunt dunt dunt!!!! another 2.2 lbs lost... im happy with that number because my rantings of last night and next week will prob be better....

Today was Valentine's Day and at work we had a party!! With a party that means valentine's candy, cookies, and cupcakes!!! I did not struggle one bit.. Since i was the one serving them, it just looked like i had one and nobody paid mind or cared that i didn't... also i had noooo desire to waste my points on it... I could have looked up the points value but just didn't want any of the treats... they all did look good though!! One thing that i try to do is when i am in the middle of a temptation is to think about the taste it and that seems to satisfy my needs.. .especially since that is worth 0 points!!!

I think i am starting to get a cold... i just had a cold turned into a sinus infection a few weeks ago that lasted for 3 weeks... 2012 is not a good health year for me so far but hopefully this will be the last cold of the season!!

Saturday night, i am going to a birthday party for a friend and this has been planned for weeks... i should be able to tackle that night of drink easily especially since i am DD!! i rather be designated driver anyways because that will be just an extra reason i don't need to drink a lot..But what i am more worried about is im sleeping over my friends house and we are going out to breakfast to a place similar to ihop but is not a chain and has much more pancake options that are out of this world!!! The pancakes also come with huge omelets that again are delicious but soooo unhealthy... any suggestions on what i should do with this to prepare myself... i know to ask for them to cook my omelet dry and a vegetable omelet and egg whites... but am totally going to want those pancakes... hopefully imaging the taste will work... idk???

Anyways that's about it!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie <3


  1. Congrats on the loss. And good job with avoiding the treats:) I know what that's like, I just made 2 loaves of Banana bread for my team meeting tomorrow and I can't eat any of it:) As for the pancakes, can't you just have one? If not, it may not be worth it to have any at all. I know that I couldn't have just one, so I stay away from stuff like that. Good luck!

    1. yeah i can have just one i can ask for just one... also i believe they may have a whole wheat pancake option... thanks for ALLL your support!