Friday, March 2, 2012

A lot of Life is in my way!!!

Hey Everyone!

So i have had obligations lately and i feel like its going to effect my weight loss journey for the next 2 weeks! I have to go to all these dinners... and i don't cheat when i go out to eat but you never truly know all the oil and what not that goes into the food that the chef prepares plus its filled with sodium.... I had red lobster on Tuesday, Chinese last night, tonight I'm going to like a steakhouse, tomorrow hibachi then out after for my friends birthday, then dunt dunt dunt olive garden on Sunday!!! i know i can choose the right options it's just i rather eat and cook at home where i know what is being put into my dish! I didn't have a chance to work out or go to zumba on Tuesday or today... maybe later tonight? Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut at 12 and I'm def not going to want to ruin my hair after that.... idk!!! ughhh Then Tuesday night until Thursday i am nannying 3 children... i don't know how i am going to manage to eat all my points at somebody else's house! and plus when am i going to workout? since i will be constantly with the kids unless they are in school which i will be working then... i could prob fit in the gym after i drop them off at the bus stop and before work... but not only that, next Saturday i am staying overnight in a hotel for my friend's birthday which we will be celebrating that night and then all go to the st Patrick's day parade after...The St. Patrick's day parade is a HUGE event here for people my age.. im not going to cheat it's just alot of life is getting in my weigh and it will make my weight loss smaller!!!

I have been so stressed out about this i feel like i gained some weight back already.. i shouldn't be gaining weight or losing small amounts yet! i just need to look forward and not worry about it... I'm going to have more time to loose the weight but i want to reach 250 by July 5th... which doesn't look like it may happen now :(... but I'm still going to try!!!

Wish me luck!!

ox Carbaholic Girlie


  1. Going out to eat is really, really tough when you're trying to lose weight - I still struggle with it, a year and a half after I got started on my journey. I avoided restaurants entirely for the first year or so.

    Some restaurants offer lower calorie menu items - still not as healthy as homemade, but a better choice. Most places also have their menus online - check them out and decide your meals beforehand so you can plan accordingly. If it's a big higher calories than you usually eat for dinner, just scale back earlier in the day.

    Lastly, and it's the least popular option, but you could go out, be social, but not eat at the restaurant, eating at home instead. I've done it - I drink my water and enjoy everyone's company while still staying focused on my goals.

    Good luck :)

  2. Eating out can really wreak havoc on a diet but you can do it. Just make the best choices you can. I've tried NOT eating out at these things and it's REALLY tough for me. It's like announcing to the world I"m trying to lose weight and I deal with questions from people asking how much I've lost, how long I've been doing it and then people who actively try to sabotage that effort. Honestly, I'd go with a salad, dressing on the side as much as possible. It's boring but the simplest option. Good luck!