Saturday, March 10, 2012

I feel like i am on top of the world!!!

So this week i have been busy being a mother for 3 kids for 3 days.... which means i couldn't go to zumba at night but i went to the gym after they went to school and before i went to work... i was worried that i wouldn't be able to do it but i have alot of will power and everything worked out great!! but idk how you mothers do that everyday!!!  The whole day was revolved around these kids needs and i didn't have much time to think about my own needs, but i managed to eat all my points everyday and also not go over!  I gained .2 lbs this week which i was extremely upset about but now im not that worried because i know i didn't do anything wrong and its just my body... hopefully this week will be a big weight loss! All this going out to eat and what not just make it easier now for anything to come up... i have been dreading going to a Mexican restaurant but i realize i cant be scared of it because i do like Mexican food... last night i went to a new Mexican restaurant with my friend and usually i would go straight for the tacos, enchiladas and fill up on all the chips and salsa... Well the chips were just staring at me and it was hard not to devour the whole basket... but i did have a couple for taste... my friend made a comment like have some more chips i feel like a pig because I'm eating them all.. anyways... the way that i end up turning is toward shrimp because i love shrimp and its really low in calories and everything so the sauce and whatever else wont be as bad as if i were to choose chicken or beef!! But anyways i got shrimp with some kind of chile pepper sauce that was not greasy or oily at all it tasted really good and healthy at the same time it came with some kind of rice and been mixture on the side... which was ok but i ate about half of the side... then sweet plantains... which were also good but i had about half of the small portion that came with it... my friend wanted dessert and i wasn't going to not get anything again so i got a vanilla ice cream she got flan... which i love and i knew i would be dying inside if i didn't get something... anyways the ice cream came with 2 small about 1.5 in balls... i had one scoop and was completely satisfied... now earlier in the day i barely had any points so this meal was perfect way to end my day... i didn't over stuff myself and choose good things and also was able to eat some dessert!

last night my friend and i also went to party city to get some accessories for the parade and we had a ball!! the stuff we got is super cute! I cant wait!

Well today is my friends birthday and we are celebrating tonight and  tomorrow going to the parade... i need to go to the gym, get a dress, and get my nails done!!

I was looking at pictures of myself last year this time for the parade and my friends birthday and i got discouraged because i was alot smaller than i am now!!

but this is when i was in the process of gaining all my weight back so i was prob about prob about 60lbs lighter but not eating the right foods soo yeah! also i feel better because... last night i put on a blanket that i have in my car and the last time i wore my blanket it was getting in the way of my steering wheel when i would turn and get all tangled... but last night i was able to wear the blanket plus have extra space between me and the wheel so i obviously lost some inches!

anyways i know i been busy but this week i think i will have more time to finally be back on here!!!

Carbaholic Girlie!

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