Sunday, March 4, 2012

1 weekend down... 2 more to go!

So now that the weekend is over i am totally not as discouraged! i think God has been helping me this weekend big time!!! everything just seemed to fall into place for me! first off, Friday night i went out and i had a shrimp salad which the shrimp was just grilled .. i asked for the balsamic vinaigrette on the side and they gave me the Gorgonzola cheese on the side too... there were lots of croutons in this salad... but i tried one... so i wasn't deprived... but i didn't even like them.. so i just pushed them to the side!! then i had a small cup of vegetarian chili.. which was great! and my friend order dessert... but the dessert was some kind of fruit cobbler with oatmeal that just wasn't appealing to me at all! so Friday night down!!! then Saturday came ... i didn't have time to work out all weekend but that's ok because i danced last night... i got my hair done as my reward to myself and i love it! its just darker than i have seen it in a long time because i got rid of most of my highlights and slightly darkened my hair! but anyways.... i went low during the day to prepare for hibachi.. because its all oily.. before i left for dinner i had a banana and an apple so i was nice and full! i drove to the restaurant with my friend and on the way up she asked me if i wanted to split a plate of  hibachi... well we got the combo shrimp and chicken... she doesn't like shrimp so i had all the shrimp she didn't like most of the vegetables so i ate mostly that and gave her all the noodles and rice.... i took one taste just to try it... but was just not that good anyways so i just gave all of that to my friend... it was completely satisfying!! and perfect amount of food... plus i still had a few more points leftover for drinks... we had a great time for my friends birthday and danced the night away!!! this morning, again, i was trying to go light but made sure i got my oils milks and fruits in because we were supposed to go to olive garden... now i have been freaking out about this  all week... i have been trying to prepare myself for it because all the food there is really high in points and sodium! so i was going to get a venetian chicken which is like 10 points but i don't how much i would like that... then i was thinking maybe i could just do whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce... but it turns out olive garden was an hour wait so no one wanted to wait that long so we decided on Ruby Tuesdays instead... my meal was def healthy and on target... plus i got a nice big salad from the salad bar with balsamic vinager on it... it was great! i tried creamy mashed cauliflower and it really does taste like mashed potatoes! So i can take a breath now and relax but i still have the sleeping over babysitting coming up this week and the hotel/ parade next weekend.. then going to Boston the weekend after! i feel like i was all worried about nothing... i know the right choices to make and  i make them not ignore them...

i put a wallpaper on my phone that says never give up... its been really keeping me focused i think!

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Carbaholic Girlie


  1. I love mashed cauliflower. I use it to make my very low carb Sheppard's Pie. Sounds like you're doing great:)