Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day!

So i know i been slacking posting... i just still have been soooo busy! but anyways I workout every night this week until Friday! Friday night my friend and i drove up to Boston to visit a friend for St. Patrick's Day!!! As far as eating and drinking i did fairly well EXCEPT her mother baked some cookies that were pretty big that she called whoopers. They had nuts white chocolate regular chocolate chocolate cookie and she wanted me to try it. I was like no i am still full from breakfast and she was like there is always room for chocolate and i made another excuse up and then she was like come on just eat it.... so i ate it!!!! i felt so guilty but knew that i shouldn't ruin the rest of my day... and i didn't... We  walked around Boston for 4 hours straight so i def got my workout in for yesterday!

We went on this bar crawl, but everywhere we were registered at was at capacity and they did not have the specials as promised when we signed up so it was kind of upsetting! We finally got to a club called Rumor and Venue and we stayed for a few hours. We started dancing then ran in to some other people we saw earlier and talked with them then some guy came up to me and said his friend wanted to dance with me but didn't want to be rude so i ended up talking to him for awhile.... he was SUPER cute!!!! he had blueish greenish eyes and blonde very short hair and he was of short but its ok because i am extremely short so he was still taller than me...he had a Boston accent that my friend and i thought was very cute but then i found he was only 22!!! that's how old my brother is!!!!! so yeahhh but you never know he was very nice... we then hung out with some other guys.... they def weren't as cute and def more drunk... most guys were just drunk and stupid so we didn't find any great guys! ohhhh well!!! that's not our reason to go out... its to go to have fun :) and we accomplished that... until some girl threw up alll over my new dress!!!!!!! i wanted to cry!! thank god it was at the end of the night though!

So that was my st pattys day!!! But this morning we went to a really good diner! I had an omelet with egg white a little cheddar cheese, salsa, and mushrooms cooked dry and it was fabulous!!! so because that cookie i am trying to go pretty light today though because of that cookie and now i am home and exhausted!

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