Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Dillema!

Well this morning started off dreary just like the rest of the week but the sun finally began to show itself here in ct!!! We def needed the rain though... the only snow we got all winter  season was actually the end of fall on Halloween lol! My mom and i have been enjoying the swimming in the morning... but we are trying to get used to the waking up extra early in the morning! Im hoping to be at 25lbs lost this week... hopefully ill be able to do it :)!!! and other thing is we dont understand how these women just walked around naked in the locker room????? i will absolutely never do that!

Tomorrow we are bringing the dogs to the vet... this will be the first time they are going together... we have one huge dog and one small one lol... when i moved back home i brought my little dog with me... luckily he was still a puppy and our big dog mothers him .... they just love each other sooo much!! but we will see what happens

Tomorrow is also Cinco De Mayo which means.... party time!! margaritas tacos tequila and coronas....  i dont really like tequila or coronas but i do like margaritas and tacos... which i hope i will be able to resist! I also want to buy this cute head band from party city


not sure which one yet... guess it depends on my outfit... i just lovveee fun accessories lol
anyways im exhausted so im going to just relax tonight!

Night loves,
Carbaholic Girlie <3

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