Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Nasty Cold!!

Yesterday and today i have been trying to tackle this cold that i have. I tried doing zumba last night, even though i was extremely sick, and i felt good during and right after... But then the cold symptoms came back so i guess i didnt sweat it out... i havent really eaten anything today, im home from work just resting, i am about to make a soup trying the miracle noodles.... hopefully they are good... i never had them before! But all i been wanting is soup and tea, nothing crunchy or anything... i hope this wont effect my weightloss next week... i am not eating anything bad but.. i know that all the low sodium stuff does add up to lots of sodium eventually.... hopefully its just for last night and today, and tomorrow im back to normal... idk if i should go to zumba or not tonight??

I guess we will see!

Signing out,
Carbaholic Girlie


  1. New follower your blog! I think if it's just a cold, you could power through it as long as it's still feeling good doing it. If it's the flu, however, you need some rest. Hope you feel better soon.